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FloralGifter iOS App – Say It All With Flowers!

You can create a pretty bouquet of flowers for someone special right from your iPhone when using the FloralGifter iPhone app. Yes, it’s true that your bouquet may only be a virtual one, but the FloralGifter Lifestyle app offers more than just a pleasing floral arrangement card to look at.


Did you know that there is a special flower language? And that each flower has a unique sentiment and meaning that’s all its own? I discovered that flowers can actually convey love, apologies, pride, sympathy and even negative meanings. The FloralGifter iPhone app decodes the language of flowers for you to make sure your heartfelt message is perfectly clear when you send your special bouquet greeting.

The FloralGifter app has a nice tutorial to explain the 3 basic steps on how to create your bouquet, create a message and delivery to that special someone. In addition to this, there are some created bouquet examples for reference. However, I have to warn you that the backstories that go along with these examples are a little corny. There is also a helpful “Shuffle” feature for those people who just don’t know where to start in the flower selecting process. This feature creates readymade arrangements for you so that you can quickly move on through the bouquet creation process.

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The whole flower arranging is relatively simple, mostly tap and double taps. With 1 template, you’ll be able to create limitless possibilities for your custom bouquet card and message. There’s also a large selection of flower inventory for you to choose from. You can conveniently browse flower categories by color, meaning or alphabetically.

You can also choose to add a variety of leaves and fruits to your bouquet as well. It’s interesting to discover which flowers convey change, miracle, pride, love, friendship, and many other emotions. One nice touch in this app is that during the flower arranging process, you can tap on any flower to reveal its meaning.

Another thing I really liked about this application is the attention to detail in the creation process: you can increase or decrease a flower’s size, rotate and layer flowers in the bouquet, as well as remove a flower. Also, FloralGifter gives you a ton of design options for the wrap, ribbon and card backgrounds.

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I was even surprised by the options available for creating messages such as the variety of font styles and occasion categories (Happy Birthday!, Graduation, Wedding, New Baby, Get Well, Halloween, Retirement, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so many more). You can even have an option to switch your greeting from “To” to “Dear,” add a custom date to the card, and add your handwritten signature. And when you’re all done, you can save it to your camera roll and/or “Give” it to your recipient through email and Twitter.

I sent a bouquet through email and was pleasantly surprised to see that every flower I included was listed in the email along with the flower’s meaning. And in addition, this app can also double as a reference app for later on when you want to duplicate a virtual bouquet with real flowers. So whether you’re creating a sweet virtual bouquet with the FloralGifter app or ordering the real deal, remember, your choice of flowers have a lot to say.

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