Flow Free Bridges – A Simply Complex Line Draw Puzzle Game

What looks simple is not when playing Flow Free Bridges, the colorful line drawing game that connects 2 colored dots to make a flow. The original Flow Free game was a huge hit, which laid the way to a warm reception for Flow Free Bridges.

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Flow Free is actually a free game, whereas Flow Free Bridges costs $0.99. But this paid version is worth it because it has a boatload of line drawing puzzle gameplay.

iPad App Review for Flow Free Bridges

There are over 700 Free Play levels and Time Trial game modes that will test your different stress levels. The Free Play has no time limit and can be played in a variety of game boards and difficulties. Time Trial is for the hardcore puzzler. You are given a time limit and your goal is to solve as many Flow Free Bridges puzzles as you can. You will quickly find that what looked easy at first is a bit more challenging. This version of Flow Free now includes bridges, which allow for an “above line” to go over another line. The trick to each puzzle is to identify which 2 lines use the bridge.

Flow Free Bridges iPad App Review Video

There are a number of challenges you can achieve if you are crafty enough and the simple color palette is engaging, even though I felt like I was playing puzzles in kindergarten!

Flow Free Bridges is an excellent, simple, yet complex puzzle game with a rudimentary user interface and a ton of puzzles that make it a perfect puzzle challenge!

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