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Flying Dragons From Mars – Zany, Unique iPhone/iPad Game

One of the coolest intricacies of the iTunes App Store is the breadth of physics games, both by gameplay and idea. Flying Dragons from Mars (by Gude Software) features 3 different firefly heroes in its unique, physics casual puzzle game with 60 levels of crisp retina display graphics, fun sounds and 5 environments of dragon-crashing gameplay. These distinct firefly heroes are shot from a slingshot at flying dragons (weirdly enough) to eliminate them through the 60 levels, + 1 bonus level, which is also in an entirely new and separate underwater theme.

Flying Dragons From Mars really stands out from a graphics perspective due to its very crisp animations, but also for the significantly challenging overall game difficulty. There are plenty obstacles to thwart your efforts in ridding the galaxy of its flying dragon menaces, like bombs, streaking satellites, as well as some neutral objects such as stars and bumper snails. Each of the 3 unique firefly heroes has its own personality, as well as speed. Blue Cap is the slowest, but methodical, Orange Helmet is speedy, and the Nerdy firefly is ultra quick. You’ll need to use them wisely during each level because you are only given a certain number of fireflies to complete each level, as well as a time limit. This game features 5 interestingly themed worlds or game packs (Leaving Mars, Going to Earth, Attack in Ice, They Jungle, They Arrived), each nicely designed with unique objects that you must deal with when getting rid of all your enemies. Beware of the bombs — they move just as fast as your enemies and will end your level immediately.

iphone video app demosiphone video app demos

I played through to the 3rd game pack (Attack In Ice) and all 3 game packs that I played were fun and challenging enough at times to keep me playing on. From the looks of it, another good sign for those who have purchased the game is that this app is primed and ready for more game content — my suspicion is that there will be a complete underwater game pack within the next update, and future updates will come for FREE according to the developer. If you’re still on the fence about checking out this zany iOS Universal game, there is a FREE version of this game called Flying Dragons from Mars FREE that has 15 levels of gameplay at no cost, which is a great way to check out the cool gameplay for FREE. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at how this iPhone and iPad game plays. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Flying Dragons From Mars iPhone App Details

Title: Flying Dragons From Mars
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 23.0 MB
Developer: Gude Games
Store: iTunes App Store

Flying Dragons From Mars iPhone App Download Link

Flying Dragons from Mars - Gude Software

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Flying Dragons From Mars iPhone Developers App Description

iOS Universal

Have fun playing this new and exciting game!

Help friends Yelo, Gele and Zely to defend the Earth of the Flying Dragons from Mars!

Yelo is fearless and does not have afraid of the flying dragons.
Gele is fun and loves to fly
Zely is smart and light in flight

Beware of obstacles, traps and bombs!
Save the Earth!


* 60 electrifying levels!
* Regular Free updates!
* New in-app purchases!
* Cool sound!
* Beautifully backgrounds!


PLEASE NOTE: The game runs in iOS 5.1 or above!

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