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Flyro..Busting Wood and Taking Names, Unique Endless Runner (Video)

Brute Farce puts their own spin on the endless runner game genre with Flyro for iPhone and iPad. This iOS Games app gives us a fresh and unique endless runner game where every run is different, and there are no in app purchases to spoil the fun! Although you’re not actually running, you are flying due north endlessly as you try to dodge a variety of precarious obstacles. Flyro is one of those easy pickup-and-play games that takes very little time to figure out, but more time to master.

Watch the Flyro App Video Now!

Flyro is a fresh game with lots of flying-dodging-wood-busting endless fun. Watch our App Video to see how this game plays!

Flyro Game App Features

– Dynamic music & sound created by Portal 2 and Left 4 Dead composer Mike Morasky.
– Activate your flame power to blaze through any wooden obstacle.
– Survive giant boxing gloves, electric halls, and other devious traps.
– Every run is different.
– Moustermind Tech™ adjusts game difficulty as you play.
– No pay-to-win gimmicks of any kind.
– Challenging objectives, integrated leaderboards.
– The Moustermind’s taunts await your every failure.


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