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Football For Dummies, A How To Play Football App For Beginners

Football for Dummies iPhone App Review
If all you know about the rules of American football are that there are 2 teams of big, athletic guys who face-off against each other and then run down the football field to score a touchdown without being tackled, then you need this football for dummies app on your iPhone. The Football Study Guide 101, iPhone Sports app, is a great beginner guide for the football newbie and those football fans who are a little fuzzy on the rules of American football. You’ll learn about offense, defense, field positions, formations, plays and more.

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You may not be the smartest football fan at the next game, but with this football for dummies app you’ll be ready to talk basic football. I call the Football Study Guide 101 app a football for dummies guide because of its simplicity, which is a really good thing for people who know little about this popular American sport. After looking at a couple of other football apps to learn about the sport and game rules, this one was the most straightforward and least overwhelming for the football novice.

Admittedly, this football app isn’t all that exciting to look at and some of the graphics are a bit fuzzy on the iPhone. However, the user interface is smooth, the topics are nicely categorized, and the information and step-by-step walkthrough are great. You’ll learn the what, where and why of what’s happening on the field in these 9 categories: Offense, Defense, Offensive Formations, Defensive Formations, Offensive Playcalling, Defensive Coverage, Defensive Coverage Part 2, Offensive Motion, and Kicking Formations.

iPhone Football App Review

What I like about this football for dummies app is that the developer spoon feeds you each topic, making it really easy to grasp the positions and standard gameplay objectives. The very first slide gives you an up-close view of the football field with field markings and the black scrimmage line between offense and defense. All the teaching slides is this football app take place on the field and include clear explanations and colored position diagrams, with names of positions, too. As a bonus, Football Study Guide 101 provides you with a few names of star football players who play the same positions you’re learning about. Nice touch.

Football Study Guide 101 also includes some other nice extras. There’s a glossary of football terms, however, after several attempts, I couldn’t access that information – even with full Wifi connectivity. There is access to ESPN NFL scores and schedule information. There’s also a section in this football app where you can jot down notes on a yellow legal pad. And you can test your new football knowledge by taking a re-playable 13 question quiz.

Football Study Guide 101 App Review


Football Study Guide 101 is a great football app for dummies, newbies and anyone else who wants to learn the basics of American football and understand the football rules on the field. It’s simple and won’t overwhelm you, and best of all, you’ll enjoy the your next football game all that much more with your new found knowledge. Touchdown!

The Football Study Guide 101 is also available for the iPad as Football101HD

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