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Football Heroes is One of the Best Football Games for iPhone! (Video)

Football Heroes is a new arcade smash-mouth football game and currently one of the best football games for the iPhone. With unrealistically fun arcade football gameplay, RPG rewards for team players, and awesome special moves, there is a lot to like in this pint-sized pigskin game!

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Surprisingly, there are not a lot of good iPhone football games. The latest Madden football game, Madden 25 by EA Sports, was mediocre to poor, and awesome iPhone football games like NCAA Football by EA Sports have gone missing from the US iTunes App Store. While both of those games have rules, Football Heroes does not! You basically punch and spin your way through the opposing team whether on offense or defense. There are power-ups to help increase your beating of the other team for both offense and defense.

There is much more to Football Heroes. Watch the App Video Review and you will see how this game plays, how to customize your team, the card system, and more! So, if you want to play a good arcade football game on your iPhone, download Football Heroes today and start building your team!

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Download Football Heroes, One of the Best Football Games for iPhone Now!

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