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Franklin’s Bubble Blaster, Fun Bubble Popping Game For Kids!

I can’t think of one kid who doesn’t have a fascination with blowing bubbles or popping them. And thanks to the Franklin’s Bubble Blaster app, your young kids will have a blast doing just that. This bubble popping game by Watch More TV Interactive Inc. features unlimited level gameplay with 25 different interactive bubbles, fun animations, and 5 savable wallpapers starring Franklin and Friends.

Watch The Franklin’s Bubble Blaster iPad App Review

This iPhone and iPad Entertainment app is very kid friendly, especially for younger children. There are almost zero places, navigation wise, to get kids off track. And the game objective is also very simple: pop every bubble you can before it reaches the top of the screen to get the highest score, but don’t let the bubble meter fill up before your time runs out for each level, or it’s game over!

ipad kids app review

If the bubbles aren’t all popped before they rise to the top of the screen, the bubble meter (on left) fills up till it reaches its top, which isn’t good because that means it’s the end to the level. But not to worry, you and your kids will just have to start again. The levels are less challenging in the beginning and the bubbles move up at a comfortable speed. However, as time goes on that will change.

There are a variety of bubble types in this bubble popping game. Kids will see clear empty bubbles (worth 10+) and random bubbles with Franklin characters in them (for even more points). And for extra bonus points and additional fun, they’ll want to pop the ones with specific items in them to activate a response action. Some example animated responses are: the snowflake that coats the remaining bubbles with snow freezing them in place, and dropping heaps of snow onto the floor of Aunt T’s shop for an unexpected surprise that’s sure to make you smile the first time it happens. It was my favorite animation.

There’s also the paint can bubble which creates a colorful mess, or a musical note that makes Aunt T break into a little jig. After playing a few levels, more and more interactive bubbles are introduced, as well as new bubble types and even a bubble that increases the speed of the bubbles, making it a bit more challenging for the littles ones. It was even challenging for me. I found myself having to use two hands (fingers) to keep up.

ipad kids app review

There’s plenty of encouragement to keep your kids going throughout the game, as well the opportunity to claim a prize at the end of the level. These prizes are 5 Franklin and Friends wallpapers that can be saved to the photos area. Although these “prizes” can get a little redundant because there are only 5. I think the concept of getting a “reward” is enough to thrill really young kids, especially those who like Franklin and his friends. But who doesn’t like Franklin?

So, if you have a Franklin fan in your house or young children who love popping bubbles, like all the kids do, Franklin’s Bubble Blaster is a truly entertaining iPhone and iPad app to satisfy both of those fascinations. You can download this bubble popping game using the iTunes App Store link below.

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Franklin's Bubble Blaster - Watch More TV Interactive Inc.

Developer’s App Description

Have a blast with Franklin’s Bubble Blaster! Aunt T’s bubble machine is out of control and now it’s up to you and Franklin to pop all of the bubbles before they fill up the Messy Make-it Shop. With each bubble you pop, the more points you’ll earn. Pop enough bubbles and Aunt T might get so excited she’ll reward you with some Franklin and Friends™ downloadable prizes!

•Play an unlimited number of levels.

•Collect five exclusive Franklin and Friends™ wallpapers.

•Enjoy a variety of custom animations that will keep your child entertained for hours.

•Pop over 25 types of interactive bubbles.

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