Freddie Wong Is On The Run From Rico in Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare!

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Freddie Wong is a video effects master who makes some super funny and entertaining videos. Now that same humor and awesome creativity has come to life in an iPhone game. Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare (by Thruster) is an amusing action game based on YouTube Video Effects sensation Freddie Wong, which features 4 zones of endless gameplay, invincibility power-ups and bonus points as well, not to mention a run and gun flower-petal-shooting gun (double rainbow awesome). This game has a few extras in addition to being a nice platform endless runner, and is no slouch in the difficulty department — so Freddie didn’t make this game a push over.

Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare iPhone Game App ReviewFreddie Wong: Flower Warfare iPhone Game App Review

Some of the extras that I speak of are the crazy breathing buildings, each time you grab another sunflower petal you will see some visual weirdness that may take your eyes off the game, thus causing you to take a permanent dirt nap as the game description says. I have become a huge Freddie Wong fan as a result of this app because we have a lot of the same taste in humor and guns, not to mention that he creates some really fun stuff — check him out on YouTube as well, just search Freddie Wong on YouTube and you will find what you are looking for. Prepare to laugh. For more iPhone video app reviews. Crazy Mike

Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare iPhone App Details

Title: Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare
Price: $0.99
Size: 18.7 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Thruster
Store: iTunes App Store

Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare iPhone App Download Link

Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare - Thruster

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*Disclosure* The developer may have provided a “promo code” (paid voucher) for review of this iPhone application.

Freddie Wong: Flower Warfare iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Join YouTube VFX sensation Freddie Wong on a fast paced rampage through endless levels to escape the clutches of Rico. Flower Warfare brings Freddie’s hit video to life as you skillfully time treacherous jumps over spikes, toxic waste and bottomless pits while firing petals of destruction at your enemies. Rico’s men will stop at nothing to end your quest for higher consciousness.…so fill them full of lead before you take a permanent dirt nap under the Double Rainbow!

How far can you run before it’s lights out for Freddie?


• Fast-paced action game with simple controls and addictive play!

• Explore 4 unique zones with endless levels of vivid 3D graphics that morph and change as you achieve higher levels of consciousness!

• Collect invincibility Power-Ups that protect you from Spikes, Toxic Waste and Bullets!

• Game Center leader boards and achievements to compare your distance and score with your friends and the world!

• Grab “Freddie-O’s” cereal in-game for bonus points!

• Exclusive voiceover and sound bytes from Freddie Wong himself!

How to Play:

• Tap the bottom right of screen to jump over spikes, pits, toxic waste, buildings, bullets & other obstacles.

• Tap the bottom left of screen to shoot enemies

• Collect flowers to raise your level of consciousness (health). The higher your health, the more points you earn from shooting enemies and collecting cereal boxes.

• Tap the bottom center of the screen to use a temporary invincibility power-up. This protects you for a limited time from spikes, pits, toxic waste & bullets. Watch out though, falling in pits or between buildings means instance death!

• Collect “Freddie-O’s” cereal boxes for bonus points.

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