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Free Android Game Monster Crew – Levels of Fun!

This free Android game (Monster Crew) is Frankenstein “Platform Game” fun. You play as a Frankenstein character running and stomping your way through the Evil Doctor’s castle through 17 mysteries, using 25 bonus cards, and 36 upgrades to help you stay alive along the way. Your only weapon is Frankenstein’s “stomp.” The stomp is activated by swiping down after jumping and is upgradable. If you survive a level, you will have made it to the elevator that takes you to the next floor. Now you get to use 1 of 25 bonus strategy cards. The bonus cards are upgradeable and provide a variety of help.

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The object of Monster Crew is to keep on running through level after level conquering the various enemies. The enemy monsters and obstacles become more difficult to get through each level. If you only download 1 game today, get Monster Crew because it has awesome platform gameplay and it’s Free.

The free Android game Monster Crew is also available for the iPhone and iPad (for free). See download links below.


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