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Android Halloween Kids’ Pumpkin-Matching Game

Android Halloween Kids’ Halloween Pumpkins is a free Android game that lets kids match pumpkins in 2 different game modes, has spooky sounds, and several festive Halloween themes. This Android app features a very basic kids’ matching game using pumpkins or “Jack-O-Lanterns” as the objects to be matched. The game modes are either regular matching or memory matching (being the more traditional method where the pumpkins are covered (not seen) and the player must use his/her memory recall to correctly match the different pumpkins. Halloween Pumpkins features several Halloween-themed backgrounds with witches, ghosts, and other spooky related backgrounds.

The matching starts out rather simple, with only 3 pairs to match and continuously gets more difficult as you progress with more and more different carved pumpkins needing to be matched. Overall, for free, this game is pretty good, but it crashed on me after the 4th or 5th consecutive memory game several times requiring me to leave the game. But, for a free kids’ Halloween Android game it is a good little matching game. This app is placed under the Education category, I assume for the matching learning aspect, which provides another nice benefit. There are a few settings for time and sounds besides the 2 different game modes, as well as advertisements that are somewhat intrusive. Halloween Pumpkins is not the best Android game out there, but it is good and will provide kids some matching Halloween-themed fun. Checkout our Halloween Pumpkins Android App Video Review for a look at how this Android Education application works.


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