This Free Android Parcel Tracking App Tracks 100+ Delivery Services!

Need an all-in-one parcel tracking app that can track packages for over 100 different delivery services? If so, the new Parcelle Android app is your free “go to” app to download for easy tracking of all your local and international packages.

android parcel tracking app


This free parcel tracking app is uber easy to use, with roughly 4 primary navigation buttons. Basically, once you open the app you will see a large green button to urge you to “Add Parcel.” Once tapped, you have very few input screens to deal with. Of course, you will need a valid tracking number for UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL, or other delivery service, as well as what country the package is being delivered to. But once done, you will quickly see an informational entry appear, which provides you detailed information for the package you are tracking. The details include the step-by-step delivery “travel life” for your package. There is also an optional map feature for those of us who like pictures.

free android parcel tracking app


And for those of you who are urgently in need of the package you are tracking, there is a handy “Refresh” button for each package entry. The Parcelle app is especially handy for everyone on the go. Sure you can log into UPS, FedEx, or the USPS tracking website or app to find out the same information. But why would you use 3, 4, or 100+ different tracking methods to find out where your package is when you can just use 1? Parcelle works for package delivery tracking in 80 countries, with Express Mail Services (EMS) tracking in 27 countries, including China.

parcelle parcel tracking app


The thing I liked most about this parcel tracking app was the uncluttered feeling and ease of use. I tracked a couple of packages and I had all the details in front of me within 20 seconds or less. For those of you who have to keep track of the packages you’re tracking, there is a handy “History” section where you can keep tabs on all of your package entries. You can mark as delivered, delete, or keep for proof to show that you got the package there on time!

The Parcelle package tracking app is free for Android and can be downloaded in Google Play (link below).

parcel tracking app for android


Download The Android Parcelle Parcel Tracking App Now!

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