News360 iPhone App–Connected!

News360 are an awesome way to keep up on current events. The FREE App Today is a great news iPhone app that will keep you connected in a really cool way. The app opens up to a retina display optimized image main menu that scrolls side to side through flip gestures. You can change this by tapping on one of the categories in the upper horizontal navigation menu. The bottom navigation menu for this iPhone app has top news, favorites, and settings. Other than that you will find a search option in the upper right and a refresh button in the upper left. To favorite a news feed you will have to use the search function, then tap the star to add it to your favorites. A weird thing about the favorites is once saved those feeds provide news from other news outlets, not just the favorite that you saved (weird). Other features you will like: in app browser, other articles from additional news outlets appear under stories to provide you multiple views, Facebook & Twitter connect. This is a great iPhone news app that you can get for FREE today. CM

News360 - News360

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