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NHL GameCenter – Best NHL Hockey Video App

NHL GameCenter, for the iPhone and iPad is the best app to watch NHL video, but it could be better. For $4.99 you can upgrade to NHL GameCenter Premium and get live radio broadcasts, condensed game video replay and in-game video highlights. And for the $49.99 upgrade to NHL GameCenter Live, you get live out of market games, home and away broadcasts, access to multiple devices, and all NHL GameCenter Premium content. Android owners who use the NHL GameCenter app get the $4.99 NHL GameCenter Premium for free as well as all Verizon iPad users, and I suspect iPhone users as well.

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In the Free NHL GameCenter app, You get the entire NHL league, can favorite several teams allowing you to set a number of alerts, and get some pretty much worthless hockey video, nothing that pertains to the current season. There is also game summary, but this portion of the app was obviously made for video. But if you’re an average hockey fan, just want to follow scores for a few teams, and don’t want to shell out any extra cash, this app is perfect.

NHL GameCenter Premium $4.99 Upgrade – I purchased this for my iPhone because my iPhone is on AT&T, but like I mentioned, if you have Verizon you should get this upgrade for free on your iPhone as I did on my (Verizon service) iPad. This is a good-to-excellent upgrade for a guy like me who wants to see the highlights, get a condensed video of the game and listen to live NHL games. I compared the video for my iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and my iPad 3rd gen. The iPhone 5 was the worst, the iPad and iPhone were on the same WiFi network and the Nexus was on Verizon 4G LTE. This is a nice extra for Verizon owners and frankly, as an AT&T iPhone user the non-accessible Verizon Exclusives tab is a bit of a bummer — Come on, AT&T. Just an FYI, Verizon happens to be the Official Wireless Network for the NHL and this is why (I am guessing) NHL GameCenter Premium is free for Verizon users using Apple devices, but remember, if you’re an Android user this premium upgrade is also free.

NHL GameCenter Live $49.99 Upgrade – I did not purchase this upgrade for a number of reasons, mainly because I do not have time to watch that much hockey. But if you’re a hardcore NHL hockey fan this maybe for you. The cool thing about this upgrade is that you can watch all sorts of live games on your computer, internet connected device like Play Station, and you can login on multiple devices. In my case, if I bought this I could watch the live content on my iPhone, iPad, and Galaxy Nexus as well as my computer and TV. I did not check satellite or cable pricing for all NHL games, but I am guessing it will be about the same, except you won’t get the mobile aspect unless the provider (like Dish or Direct TV) has apps to let you stream the video on.



Overall, NHL GameCenter is a good app, but you really don’t get much for free — but this is to be expected. At least throw me a few live radio broadcasts for free and some :30 second teaser scoring videos, but you won’t get that unless you meet the criteria already mentioned. There were a lot of bad reviews in iTunes when the app was updated on 01/15/13, but since the 01/25/13, update the tide has turned to more positive reviews. However, if you look at the most recent “favorable” iTunes reviews carefully, they appear a little suspicious. Who knows? I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

No matter, you cannot really go wrong with this app especially if you’re a Verizon iPhone or iPad user, so enjoy the rest of the shortened NHL hockey season and let us know your opinion of the NHL GameCenter app!

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