Retina Wallpapers HD with Glow Effects iPhone App

Today’s FREE App Today iPhone app review is for the app Retina Wallpapers HD with Glow Effects by Apple Tao Inc. This FREE App gives you access to thousands of high quality wallpapers to use on your iPhone or iTouch. The wallpapers are of the highest quality and they range from space pic’s to Halloween pic’s and everything in between. You can easily manipulate a pic with “glow effects” using this FREE app seamlessly and save to your camera roll. This FREE app allows you to capture 20 images to your camera roll. If you want more you will have to purchase the full iPhone app. Retina Wallpapers HD with Glow Effects is a great FREE App Today if you only use if for Halloween, but you may want to keep this app because there are Christmas wallpapers. CM

Retina Wallpapers HD  with Glow Effects - 640x960 Wallpaper and Background -

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