Train Conductor iPhone App Review

Train Conductor has a slight hint of that wildly successful iPhone app Flight Control. The hint is you are traffic control for an endless stream of trains on multiple tracks and you need to ensure there are no crashes. The tutorial is easy to access and necessary in the opening of this iPhone app. Train Conductor uses the Plus+ online community for leaderboards and achievements.

Game play is easy. The user has numbered train tracks and trains that come out of tunnels riding those tracks. The numbers of the trains do not always correspond with the track those trains are on, so a quick swipe and the user can create new train tracks guiding the trains to the correct corresponding numbered track. The tutorial is easy, but in a few short moments the game really heats up. The graphics are very nicely done and there are little graphical vignettes to distract the user during game play (all in good fun).

Train Conductor is an excellent pick up and play game for the iPhone.

Game Summary

ontrol trains with a swipe of the finger and avoid disastrous collisions!
5 Million players LOVE Train Conductor, and you will too.

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