Free Cooking Game for Kids – Dr Panda’s Restaurant, Kindle Fire App Review

Dr Panda's Restaurant Free Kindle Fire App Review

Your child can learn the basics of cooking while having loads of interactive fun on the Kindle Fire when playing Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free.

This “Edugame” combines a variety of problem solving activities that require fine motor skills to complete, helping your child learn how to better problem solve while also improving their eye-hand coordination in the process.

The Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free Cooking Game for Kids is the lite version of the complete game titled “Dr Panda’s Restaurant.” The lite version includes a sampling of activities that are included in the full version of this game.

Dr Panda Education Game Kindle Fire App Review

Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free Overview

Your child is not only the head cook at Dr Panda’s Restaurant, but the host/hostess, decorator, and person responsible for cleaning up the messes customers leave behind as well. This free kids cooking game comes with 3 fun animal guests (Cow, Lamb and Hippopotamus), 3 recipes for kids to learn how to cook (smoothie, scrambled eggs, and soup), and other mini-activities that subtly encourage learning while playing.

The additional mini-activities include cleaning the dishes up after guests leave and the option to add salt or pepper to created dishes once served to the guests.

Kindle Fire Free Kids Fun Educational Cooking Game

How To Play Dr Panda’s Restaurant

Each game or activity starts with a fun animal guest arriving at Dr Panda’s Restaurant. To seat them, simply tap on the guest and they will be moved to the dining room, which is another level of the restaurant. A bubble cloud will appear above the guest’s head with their order. Kids need to tap on the food their guest is thinking of and the cooking activity begins. One of the dishes kids get to cook in this free cooking game is scrambled eggs.

The developer, TribePlay, has done a great job of creating an educational game out of a “real life” activity such as cooking to help kids not only work on problem solving and fine motor skills, but also teach them about a necessary life skill – cooking for themselves eventually. For example, to scramble eggs kids have to use a whisk to stir the eggs until a sparkling effect occurs, this lets children know that they have properly stirred the eggs and are ready to move on to the next part of the activity.

In this case, it is to pour oil into the pan prior to pouring the eggs into the pan. Once done, the eggs are poured into the pan, but this recipe is not done just yet. Kids will have to stir the eggs in the pan until they break apart into little pieces forming the scrambled eggs that the guest has ordered. Next, it is time to serve the guest. And once they are done eating, the dishes will need to be removed from the table and placed in the dish bin in the dining room.

Kindle Fire App Review for Dr Panda's Restaurant Free

Even though Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free only has 3 recipes, this free kids cooking game is a huge hit in the Amazon Android App Store. This mobile app is currently a top ranking game and is sure to entertain and keep your little ones busy learning and having fun. However, older kids (say, 7 and up) may become bored with this game a bit quicker due to the limited activities.

Kindle Fire Review

Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free played awesome on my Kindle Fire HDX with sharp, crisp colors and zero lagging as I cooked all the recipes numerous times. The music was a consistent, playful diddy, and the sound effects were spot on. Currently, the Amazon Android App Store is giving you 200 coins for downloading this Dr Panda Game. You can then turn around and use these coins to unlock the complete Dr Panda’s Restaurant Game. What a great value for free!

Kindle Fire Fun Educational Game Review

What You Get In The Full Dr Panda’s Restaurant Version

If you upgrade to the full version of this fun kids cooking game, you will get an additional 5 fun animals guests to serve, 7 more recipes to learn how to cook, and 3 additional mini-games including a recycling game. Dr Panda’s Restaurant also is developed to be “Kids Safe,” ensuring your child does not end up on the web or have the ability to make unauthorized in-app purchases.

Dr Panda’s Restaurant Free is a kid-friendly interactive cooking game that is simple fun, yet provides loads of educational benefits for free! This game is also available for iOS and Android devices (see app store download links below).

Download The Dr Panda’s Restaurant – Free Cooking Game App Now!

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Developer: TribePlay
Kindle Fire OS Education App, Cost: $0.00, v. 2.1
Dr. Panda's Restaurant - FREE - Cooking Game For Kids
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 05/27/2014
This is a fun hands on cooking game for young kids that includes a variety of recipes to create, fun animals guests to serve and other fun, engaging educational activities.
4.5 / 5 stars

About The Developer

TribePlay is a Dutch-Chinese game developer that makes educational games for kids. When we founded the company in 2008 we were working as a game outsourcing company, but in 2011 we decided to change our path. We started working on Dr. Panda games, a series of educational games that help kids understand life and the world around them. Our first title, Dr. Panda Teach Me!, was released in 2012 and since then we have developed many more Dr. Panda games!

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