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Feature-Rich Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Carving App

You can virtually carve jack-o-lanterns using a variety of fun ornaments, backgrounds and animations in this FREE iPad and iPhone Games app called Pumpkin Creation – Halloween dress game. Growing up as a kid, I will never forget how nasty it felt to reach into a pumpkin (year after year) and clean out the insides, seeds, and all that squishy, slippery pumpkin innards. Now, thanks to technology, you can have a similar experience (minus all the nasty stuff) when you virtually carve your own Jack-O-Lanterns using this free app. There are all sorts of fun, free features in this app starting with: a variety of pumpkin colors, pumpkin skin design, choices of different eyes, noses, mouths, accessories, and spooky backgrounds with sounds FX and music. Once you’re done with your pumpkin creation, you can upload it to Facebook (which was lightening fast), share through email, and save to your camera roll — as well in app album. There are other features that can be unlocked for $1.99 if you want, but there is so much cool free stuff to choose from to create your pumpkin with that it’s all you really need.

I created several Jack-O-Lanterns and found the process was very easy, quick, except for adding the accessories, which is the only drag and drop functionality in this app. The other thing that is odd with the accessories, is that you cannot resize them or turn them — so it’s a little funky, but not a deal breaker. There is one other feature in this app that really makes it stand out, which was the best part of the real pumpkin carving process — adding the candle. This app has several different candle colors that provide a unique color effect that streams out of the pumpkin’s eyes, mouth, and also glows on the outside all around the pumpkin — very cool. Pumpkin Creation – Halloween dress game is a really good iOS universal app for having a little Jack-O-Lantern fun — and free fun at that. Be sure to watch the Pumpkin Creation – Halloween dress game iPad App Video Review for this iOS Universal Games application for a look at how this app works.


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