Hangman App, Classic Doodle-Style Hangman Game for iPhone and iPad, Free

iPhone and iPad Free Hangman Game

Although the exact time and history behind the classic hangman game remains a bit of a mystery, the arrival of this new Hangman app is not. “Hangman – to hang or not to hang – that is the question” is a free iPhone and iPad Games app by Andrii Tkach, and is a recent addition to the iTunes App Store.

This free hangman app plays just like the traditional paper and pencil word guessing game we all know, but the gameplay on the mobile platform makes it a lot more interesting. This doodle-style hangman game features simple paper and pencil graphics, realistic sound effects, 5,200 English words to match, 3 difficulty levels and a variety of playing options.

iPad Hangman Game for free

Hangman App Details

Currently, there are 2 player modes in this game: 1 Player and 2 Players. Since this is the free version, only the 1 Player mode can be played for free. However, you can choose to play 1 Player in any of the 3 difficulty levels.

The difficulty levels include: Easy, Normal, and Hard. There is also a Random Word mode option that randomly selects your words and difficulty level for you. The 3 difficulty levels are based on the number of letters in a word to be solved and range from 4 – 9+ letter spaces long.

Unlike some hangman games, the construction of the wooden gallows or scaffold doesn’t start until the letter guessing gameplay begins. This is where the sound effects come into play, adding a touch of realism and twisted humor. In addition to the wind whistling in the background, you’ll hear the quick hammering of nails into wood as your contraption of death is being constructed with each missed letter in the mystery word.

If you guess your word, you’re fine, but if you don’t the hanging process continues, board by board. Keep missing correct letters and these sounds lead up to quick pencil scratchings of your doodle body – starting with your head, followed by your torso and body limbs 1 by 1 until you meet your unfortunate demise.

But you’re not totally helpless because this iPhone and iPad game comes with 3 hints for free. However, you don’t want to use them until you really need them because once they’re gone, they are gone. For each hint used, a letter is automatically filled in towards completing the word. Hopefully, it’s enough to help you recognize the full word.

iPhone Hangman App, free

If you do get stuck and use up your 3 hints, you can purchase more hints through in-app purchase. There are 3 different Hints packs ranging from 100 – 10,000 hints. Luckily, the developer doesn’t leave you hanging. He also provides a few ways that allow you to earn additional hints as well. You’ll be rewarded hints for rating this hangman game, for checking out his other apps, and for sharing through each social network within the app (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte).

If you do manage to figure out your word before hanging yourself, you’re rewarded with a hand-drawn smiley face, a trumpet blast and the word “Victory.” Your successful word completions are tracked (bottom right) showing the number of matches you made of the remaining 5,200 English words.

You can then opt to move on to the next word, purchase hints, or upgrade to the full version that gives you an interpretation of each word, removes ads and gives you 10 tips. This hangman app also contains a social aspect with the integration of Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements, that allow you to earn achievements and receive or take on challenges from friends.

Fun Free Hangman Word Game for iPhone and iPad

Additional Features Through In-App Purchase

  • 2 Players (full version)
  • Word Of The Day (full version)
  • Hints for 3 different Hints packs ranging from 100 – 10,000 hints ($0.99 to $2.99)
  • Words in different languages (English, Spanish, Portugese, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian) for $1.99 each
  • Unlock All (all languages, full version and 25 hints) for $4.99
  • Full version (all functionality, no ads, 10 hints) $1.99

If you like playing classic pencil and paper games on your iPhone and iPad, you can download this word guessing game for free using the download links below.

Download The Hangman App Now!

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Hangman - to hang or not to hang - that is the question
iOS Universal Games application, v 1.1
Brand: iOS (Apple)
Manufacturer: Andrii Tkach
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