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Free iPhone Tips n Tricks App – Fast, Easy, Shareable

While I have been an avid iPhone user for a while now (a little over 4 years), the updated iPhone Business app — Tips for iPhone – Tricks & Secrets, provides quick, helpful, and easy-to-understand tips & tricks great for anyone who owns an iPhone. I remember how I initially waited a bit to get my first iPhone (when the 3GS came out), but it didn’t take me long to become hooked by the well developed iOS platform. Apple has done a fantastic job in most cases evolving the iOS (now to iOS 6) with far more cooler features than most would have ever expected. This iPhone app, currently FREE (for a limited time) has some excellent common sense tips on how to use your iPhone. There is more to this app than just how to set up email. There are battery saving tips, time saving tips, security tips, and other very useful tricks to save you time and money.

The iOS tips & tricks span over several iOS versions, and I did not see any dedicated iOS 6 content, but that’s no matter because the tips & tricks that are in the app are very good and easy to understand. Upon opening the app, all you need to know is to swipe right-to-left to get new tips. Once you get to a tip, you will be greeted in most cases with a snappy title showing a little humor to make the tech learning more palatable. Slide up with 1 finger on any bottom red banner for a tip and it will pull up a very brief explanation in most cases on how to implement the tip & trick, as well as the actual steps in the settings to do so. The developers focused in on tips & tricks like WiFi battery drainage and how to stop it, while this is not rocket science, it is a basic way to save your battery life. There is a good type and explanation on SSL for email that explains how when toggled on this will encrypt your email for a little more security.


I like the simplicity of this app and how super easy to use and understand it is. The added feature of being able to share tips & tricks is great for people who have friends and family who are either tech morons or for those people you just want to help by sharing a simple tip & trick that you just learned yourself. There are a couple cool tricks I learned from this app that will immediately save me some serious time like: 1) holding down the shift key and then dragging to a letter to capitalize it. It’s quick and works every time (not buggy), as well as being well explained in this app. Another very valuable help that boasts saving users hours of time is the ability to type a website only by its name into mobile Safari on your iPhone, leaving out the “www.” and “.com” — which will actually pull back a website. Again, tested this and found that it worked flawlessly, both the last 2 tips are shown in the Tips for iPhone – Tricks & Secrets iPhone App Video Review below. This application is a great Free iPhone app to help all iPhone users, ranging from the beginner to the veteran — all can learn something new that will save time and money.

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