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Sing Carols And Play Piano In This Free Christmas Music App

The Christmas season is a time to sing and be merry, so strike the piano keys and play a holiday tune in this free Christmas Music app that comes with 5 of the most popular Christmas carols. The Christmas Piano with Free Songs app lets you turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a “real” piano keyboard for some festive holiday fun. And whether you really want to learn to play the piano or just like the idea of tinkering around, this free Christmas music app offers 2 engaging play modes for a fun piano playing experience. Christmas Piano also comes with song lyrics, piano sheet music featuring real musical notes or festive ornament notes, and a cute North Pole sign that counts down the days until Christmas.

Free Christmas Music App

This free Christmas Music app automatically gives you 3 piano songs with sheet music and lyrics for these holiday favorites: “Jingle Bells,” “We Wish You a Merry Christmas,” and “Deck the Halls.” But to get the other 2 free bonus songs (“We Three Kings of Orient Are” and “Away in a Manger”) you’ll have to either leave a review within the app or share this free Christmas Music app through email with a friend.

To get you started, Christmas Piano has an excellent tutorial and lots of options and settings to explain everything you need to know to get the most of out this iOS application. Of the 2 main modes (Sing Along or Play Along), Sing Along is the easiest and lets you hear the song played for you in either a one-handed (theme) or a two-handed melody (both hands). Sing Along requires no real participation from you; you can just listen, watch, sing along, and/or tinker on the keyboard after choosing a song if you like.

But there’s no half-hearted playing in Play Along mode, which requires more attention and has you playing the piano yourself for a real piano learning experience. In this mode, there are 4 categories to practice each of the song parts you’d like to learn: theme (easy), both hands (experts), left hand (bass clef), and right hand (treble clef). Theme is good for a one-finger-pecking style when you’re first learning to play.

Christmas Piano with Free Christmas music app

Obviously, it would be wise to practice each hand separately before venturing into “both hands” mode where you’ll be using both hands at the same time. Believe me, it’s pretty challenging, especially if you don’t really play the piano – I don’t. One feature that would improve the learning experience in this app is a (key) color indicator to make it very obvious which keys should be tapped, and with what hand. But, there is a nice Piano Accompaniment feature that plays along with your key strokes to create a pleasing “full” sound as you play in the Play Along mode.

Being a holiday-themed app, this free Christmas Music app displays the piano keyboard on top of a festive red and green background. You will also notice that there are 2 piano keyboards that appear in the bottom of the screen, along with a smaller piano keyboard version on top for guidance. In both modes there is the option to have the notes appear as actual sheet music notes for you to read, or for a more festive touch, select the “falling note” mode and watch the red ornament balls gliding down candy cane chords. Either way (notes or ornaments), they align with the correct key note to help you recognize which key to tap. Just so you know, when in “falling note” mode the sharp notes are indicated by a black snowflake seen on the red ornaments. Also present in both modes is the option to have song lyrics seen or not. However, when visible they can be distracting while learning the piano playing part. I was also disappointed to discover that there isn’t a built-in metronome for timing. That would be a great feature to have in both modes and really make this already great app stellar.

On another note, there are a lot of nice features that you’ll find in the Navigation area of this free Christmas Music app like: how to adjust key size, get a double keyboard row, label key notes, adjust volume, and so much more. I had to go into the settings to adjust the tempo speed down to .5x to enable me to keep up with the song I was learning. I also discovered that I could change the Octave (higher or lower) 1 to 2 levels, as well as label the keys with the piano note and octave display feature, which you can find under “General Options.”

Fun Free Christmas Music App

When I initially decided to check out this free Christmas Music app, I thought it would be a quick and cute piano app with no real depth. I was very wrong. This is not a cheesy little musical game. This Music app fits more along the lines of fun entertainment and a great piano learning tool for anyone truly interested in starting piano. It’s a good way to test out an expensive instrument for free to determine a player’s real interest. And if you really like what you see in this free Christmas Music app, you can purchase their premium version for $4.99 to get a total of 50+ Christmas songs, which also comes with sheet music and lyrics.

Christmas Piano with Free Songs is a wonderful and Free piano Music app that will entertain the curious and teach the more serious piano student this holiday season.

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