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Pictus Easter Coloring Pages iPad App Review

Printable Easter coloring pages are a great way to help kids work on their fine motor skills and eye-hand-coordination, but for kids, these coloring activities are just a fun way to celebrate the upcoming spring holiday. And with the pictus Easter – kids coloring book for all ages app, your kids are bound to spend countless hours coloring 100 different coloring sheets featuring the Easter Bunny, Easter eggs, Easter baskets, and sweet baby chicks that will delight kids of all ages.

pictus Easter – kids coloring book for all ages App

As I hunted through the iTunes App Store to find a worthy free coloring app for Easter, I came across a few good contenders, but the overall best coloring app choice was pictus Easter – for a variety of reasons. Surprisingly, this was the second time I had chosen a holiday themed coloring sheets app by the same developer (Paulo Freitas). The other time was when I was searching for Christmas coloring pages for kids to review and eventually settled on the pictus Xmas – kids coloring book for all ages app.

Although pictus Easter is technically a free iPad Education app with 100 printable Easter coloring pages, only 5 Easter coloring pages come unlocked for free. The other 95 can be unlocked through in-app purchase for a total of $0.99, which is honestly a great value. All of the included Easter images are whimsical and fun; however, since Easter is also a big religious holiday, I was surprised not to find at least 1 Christian themed coloring page. Nonetheless, your kids will no doubt enjoy the coloring sheets in this mobile app.

Easter Coloring Pages App Review

What Makes This Free, Printable Easter Coloring Pages App Stand Out From The Rest

Whether you stick with the free or upgrade to the paid version, there’s a lot to like about this coloring app either way. First off, each drawing has 5 different paper types to choose from (plain, lined, graph, canvas, and blackboard with white chalk drawing outline). Next is the option for kids to enjoy coloring these springtime images either on the iPad or the good old fashion way – with real paper, crayons, markers, and pencils. But even if your kids prefer creating their artwork on the iPad, they still have multiple coloring tools to choose from and a rainbow of color choices.

There is a regular pencil, ink pen, felt pens, colored pencils, highlight markers, and wax crayons. Another interesting color feature is the eyedropper icon that lets you choose your color range and intensity (light to dark), creating endless color options. pictus Easter also allows you to adjust the drawing width of your coloring tools, which is great when coloring in bigger or smaller areas. And speaking of smaller areas, there is one feature that I love about this app, mostly because it prevents kids from becoming frustrated during the coloring process on the iPad. Which I’ve experienced in a lot of other coloring apps.

Free Printable Easter Coloring Pages App by Pictus

The pictus Easter app comes with a lock/unlock feature that lets kids pinch out to enlarge the image as big as they need to in order to stay within the lines and keep their artwork pretty and neat. At least that’s an optional if they are the tidy artist type. And if there are areas your child would like to clean up while coloring, there is also a handy eraser for that, as well as the option to tap on a button and clear the whole coloring sheet in an instant.

These are all great features, but a few of the biggest deciding factors to choosing this specific Easter coloring pages app was the printable coloring sheets and a variety of share options, which pictus Easter has. Your options are to copy an Easter picture to your clipboard, open coloring pages in applicable programs you already have, save them to your camera roll, email to others, and share on Facebook and Twitter. And as an extra bonus, your kids will like the silly sounds that come from the Easter Bunny and colored egg icons when tapped on.

Free Easter Coloring Pages iPad Application

pictus Easter App Overall

Since kids can color these fun Easter pages on the iPad or as real paper printouts, this app serves a multitude of purposes. After printing out these coloring sheets, your kids can also cut out the holiday objects with scissors and use as decorations too. There’s a lot to like about this free Easter coloring app, making it a great craft resource that should work well for preschool teachers, elementary school teachers, homeschooling parents, and others just looking for some simple Easter coloring pages to entertain the kids this upcoming Easter holiday.

Download pictus Easter, The Free Easter Coloring Pages App Now!

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Developer: Paulo Freitas
iOS iPad Education Application, v. 2.1, Cost: $0.00
pictus Easter - kids coloring book for all ages
Written by: Lisa Vallez
Date Published: 04/09/2014
Fun free Easter coloring pages for the iPad that can also be printed out as traditional coloring sheets and used for craft purposes.
4.5 / 5 stars

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