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The free racing game app, Hill Climb Racing (by Fingersoft) climbs to the top of the charts in both iTunes and Google Play. Fingersoft hits a cross platform app hit with this whacky physics free racing game. which currently includes 3 cars, 6 stages and some rather tricky hill climbing gameplay. Most physics app racing games are run and gun games where I mash the pedal down, and flip, slide, and climb my way to the finish line. However, I learned very quickly while playing Hill Climb Racing that the same “run and gun” formula does not work in this game.

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In fact, Fingersoft has created a sort of reverse control schema that messed with my feeble, yet sharp 44 year old mind. Once you get the controls down (brake when front lifts up, hit gas when back lifts up) you will find this game to be a blast. The physics’ difficulty and area environments are diabolically hard the farther you get. There are also some pretty hefty declines and you may occasionally forget the control setup, flip over and break Newton Bill’s neck.

Funny, there are point multipliers for flips and what not, but the only time I successfully completed a flip was on accident. I am guessing once the Race Car is unlocked, that this would be the right car to try to flip. I was driving the stock Jeep when I flipped, and the Monster Truck, which I unlocked was a little clunky to flip. Currently there are 6 Stages and 3 Cars and a whole lot of free racing game fun on the iPhone. We will be checking this out on the Nexus 10 when it comes later next week.


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