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Avoid This Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers iPhone App (Video)

You may want to avoid this free Thanksgiving wallpapers iPhone app. Yes, you can get plenty of free Thanksgiving wallpapers from this app, share those wallpapers, and even play a simple slide puzzle game for each wallpaper. But, this Thanksgiving themed app has a few glitches you will have to deal with to get your free Thanksgiving wallpapers.

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Perhaps the app developer’s name “Awful Apps Shop” is a dead giveaway to the quality you’ll find in this app. It’s really not that bad. The app has a variety of wallpapers pulled off of the web, which are copyright free. A big fail on the developer’s part is that all landscape wallpapers are vertical. However, there’s a trick you can use to overcome this problem: to use these images, save them, then rotate and crop them in your native iPhone or iPad photo app.

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Update: 11/06/13 – Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPhone5/iPhone4S iPad is no longer available in the US iTunes App Store. But, there is a paid app with almost the exact name, Thanksgiving Wallpapers for iPhone4S/iPhone5/iPad that costs $0.99. *Beware this iPhone app review did not feature this wallpaper app.

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Free Thanksgiving Wallpapers App Video Review Screenshot - CrazyMikesapps


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