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Free Turkey Shoot Game For iPhone, Jive Turkey! (Video)

The Jive Turkey Shoot game is a simple, fun and free iPhone app where you blast turkeys and other seasonal items shotgun style. This classic arcade shooter game will having you tapping to shoot turkeys as they fly onto your screen and as fast as you possibly can.

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I found this free iPhone game while searching for fun Thanksgiving apps. Jive Turkey Shoot is actually a super simple, yet fun to play game where the object is to score as many points as you can before you run out of ammo or time. Time can be extended through shooting either shotgun shells or a timer during gameplay, as these items fly up onto the screen.

The other items you are trying to shoot for points are turkeys, corn, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. Stay away from the wine bottle because it’ll give you a rather dizzying experience when you hit one.

Finally, make sure you don’t shoot the skull! As you can imagine, this represents immediate game death.

The Jive Turkey Shoot game is a fun and fantastic free, and silly time-waster perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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