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Free Word Game App, Wordistic – Unique Arcade Word Game! (Video)

Wordistic is a fast-paced word game app featuring intense letter-dropping and word-making arcade gameplay. If you are looking for an interesting spin on word games, Wordistic should be right up your alley. This free word game by mushDevstudio features 3 levels of arcade-style word gameplay for free. And for only $0.99 you can unlock the full version, which features endless gameplay that may seem impossible to beat. Or is it?

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Wordistic Game Overview

While most word games come with a crossword looking game board that has letters placed on them both vertically and horizontally, Wordistic does not. This game features letters, but with more of an arcade game appeal because the letters are dropped from the top of the game board once you start a game. The object of this game is to create words of 3 or more letters from the falling letters, scoring enough points to beat each level. Game points are determined by the length of the word and the points assigned to each letter. Spelling longer words will help you score more points, thus completing levels faster.

Free Word Game App, Wordistic iPhone App Review

However, there are a few things I forgot to mention, starting with the fact that you only have :30 seconds to clear the points for each level, and the points increase by 10 for each new level. But don’t worry, you get more time for every correctly spelled word and there is a time power-up to help you beat this game. For example, Level 1 starts off with 50 points, so you need to create words until you clear the 50 points. For each correctly created word, that word’s point value is deducted from the 50 points. In this case for level 1, until all points are gone and the level is completed.

Level 2 starts with 60 points and you still only have :30 seconds to complete the level, even though points went up. By level 10 you will have to score 150 points to complete the level with only :30 seconds on the clock. By this time, the games should sound a lot more challenging, right? Well, right you are because the letters fall faster for each level passed, making this game even more challenging to keep up.

There are other nuances to this game like the spinning background, a wide variety of game boards, and a unique game number that makes Wordistic even more interesting to play. This free word game isn’t just about fun and games, there is also has an educational side that will help you (or your kids) learn new words as well as the meaning of words.

iPad App Review for the word Game Wordistic

Wordistic has a built-in dictionary and auto word suggestion tool, both of which can be turned on or off in the settings area. Once the dictionary is turned on, each time a correct word is created and submitted the definition for the word pops up in a matter of seconds. Each word definition is provided by the website, adding a fun educational dimension to this word game.

Another learning feature this app offers is an auto word suggestion tool. When turned on, each time you begin to create a word you will be provided with a word suggestion at the bottom of the screen, which helps to introduce new words to players. These two learning features take this arcade-style word game and turn it into a fun word learning “edugame” that most kids will want to play.

The Wordistic Word Game iPad App Review

A few other notable features are power-ups and statistics. There are both good and bad power-ups. The good power-ups include a clock (to add more time) and a spiral whirl (corrals all letters currently on the game board for easier word spelling for a limited time). The bad power-up or power-down is the bomb. Touch a bomb and it blows your word up. This could be positive if you are stuck, but typically tapping on a bomb happens accidentally.

Wordistic also features syncing with Apple’s Game Center as well as loads of statistics for your gameplay. Additional features worth noting include the spinning background and letter preview features, as well as 26 original music tracks from the band Atlas. Now that you know the basics, let me tell you how to play this game!

Free Word Game App Wordistic iPad Game

How To Play The Wordistic Free Word Game App

Simply tap on the letters as they tumble downward towards the bottom of the screen, creating words of 3 or more letters. Once your word turns green (correctly spelled word), tap the big green check mark to the right of the word to submit it. Sounds easy, right? Well, sometimes the right letters don’t always fall at the right time, which makes this game a bit of a challenge. The bottom line (no pun intended) is to create words as fast as you can scoring enough points to beat the points required for each level. Spelling words of 4, 5, or 6 letters takes you more time, but these words have a much bigger point payoff.

During the game, be sure to tap on every falling clock you can because these handy power-ups add extra time to the :30 second level completion time. Incorrectly spelled words do not deduct points or time, but they don’t help you either because you are wasting time spelling wrong words. You will also want to tap on the spiral whirl power-ups because they create a box or force field around all letters on the screen when tapped, locking them on the screen. While this does not last long, it lasts long enough to create several words in a short period of time. The key to surviving in this game is to not panic, remain calm, and keep on spelling words.

Wordistic iPad App Review


Wordistic is an enjoyable arcade-style word game that has a several cool educational features that make it both fun to play and educational as well. Wordistic is also a free iOS Games app that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store. The free version only comes with 3 levels of gameplay, but unlike most free apps, it does not have any ads. And for only $0.99 you can unlock the full version of this arcade speller game for endless word-learning gameplay they may be a real challenge to beat!

This free word game app is available for all iOS devices, Android devices, and Kindle Fire devices, see the download links below to get your free copy of Wordistic.

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Developer: mushDevStudio
Universal iOS Games app, Cost: $0.00 free version, $0.99 in app purchase to unlock full version of game, v 1.495
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 03/18/2014
Fast paced arcade-style word game that has educational benefits.
4 / 5 stars

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