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Friendly Beasties – Make Zoo Animals Out of Your Friends

Turn your friends into a slew of virtual beasts with the new iPhone game, Friendly Beasties. This game is set in a jungle theme where you’ll take care of and interact with your “Beasties” and play a variety of games with them. This family-friendly game lets you create animals out of your friends from your own camera roll photos, or those you take using your iPhone in this app, thereby placing the face portion of those selected pictures into 1 of 5 Beasties. All you have to do now is name your Beastie, hatch them, and you’ll have the beginnings of your own entertaining virtual zoo with plenty of work and play involved. You see, Beasties require attention, food, fun, sleep, and most of all love — or they die. To that end, there are a variety of ways that you can interact with your Beasties (from the pull down menu at the top of the screen). You can feed your Beasties, play mini games with them, and there is a utility menu that allows you to do all sorts of other things to your Beasties, like clean up their Beastie poo, punch them with boxing gloves, tickle them and so on. Yes, you can have more than 1 Beastie, in fact you can have many Beasties, but be careful because you may be in for more than you bargained for. Beasties will sometimes fall in love and procreate more Beasties, to turn out a possibly a Scary Beastie (a mashed up photo of the 2 original pictures). Also, Beasties aren’t always loving; there are times when they may not get along and have to be separated like when they are attacking each other. You can always take your Beastie out with a bolt of lightening — since you brought them into this virtual world in the first place.

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The true fun in this app are the 3 mini games that you can play with your Beastie, such as a high flying game, the beach ball game and a match 3 game, which makes your Beasties happy. This game is all about taking care of a virtual animal you create, but if you neglect them, expect them to croak, die, push up daisies — the results are the same. I found the game to be rather hilarious with a lot of ways to interact with your Beasties from feeding them cake, to playing games with them, and of course the Beastie poo clean up that is an unfortunate reality. Friendly Beasties is a great game for anyone who wants to have a little fun with their friends (photos) and dote on their very own created virtual pet, or zoo of pets. Check out the iPhone video app demo for Friendly Beasties below for a complete look at this application. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

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Title: Friendly Beastie
Price: $0.99
Size: 9.2 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Scary Beasties Ltd
Store: iTunes App Store

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Friendly Beasties - Scary Beasties Ltd

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Friendly Beastie Get Apps FREE Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Fill your jungle with friends in the ultimate Virtual Zoo!

“It’s just good ole straightforward fun wrapped up in a jungleicious package that I just can’t get enough of. The bottom line is this: Go get Friendly Beasties now.” – TheiPhoneAppReview, 4.5/5

“…it still left us mighty impressed. This game does bring out the little child in all of us but then aren’t games meant to do just that?” – AppCroc, 4/5

Pick your Beasties, add your friends’ photos and then let them loose! Watch them grow, play and fight, in the depths of the Jungle, as you take care of your new Beastie Friends. Keep them happy with food, dance and marvellous Mini Games as you help them survive the Jungle’s many perils. Become the top Beastie Keeper and share your achievements and highscores on Game Center. Let love blossom and you may even get to see your friends’ weird looking offspring!

•Pick from a range of Beasties each with their own personalities.
•Add faces to your Beasties with your camera or from your photo library.
•Play a variety of exciting games to keep you and your Beasties happy.
•Feed, clean and interact with your Beasties with actions including slap, tickle and even disco.
•Earn medals, awards and achievements as you progress.
•Use Game Center to share your highscores, achievements and rankings.

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