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Fruit Ninja..Awesome on the Kindle Fire

Fruit Ninja, by Halfbrick Studios, is a legend on the iOS platform and has long ago made its way to the Android OS. As it continues to spread across electronic devices, it’s no surprise to see that it now has invaded the Amazon App Store, and onto my Kindle Fire. The gameplay is excellent on my Kindle Fire, just as it is on my iPhone, iPad, or Droid X 2. The classic fruit-slicing game plays fast on the Fire (not laggy like some) and has 3 game modes, un-lockable weapons and backgrounds, and lots of fun.

Fruit Ninja Kindle Fire App Review Fruit Ninja Kindle Fire App Review

Unfortunately, I haven’t had as much time to review Kindle Fire Android apps as I would like — I now am rocking 4 devices: iPhone 4S, Droid X 2, iPad 2 and my Kindle Fire — I am finding it tough to spread myself out amongst the devices I love and I still find myself gravitating to my iPhone and iPad due to the superiority of applications on the iOS platform. That being said, Fruit Ninja for the Kindle Fire is awesome and an easy $0.99 spent in the Amazon App Store. Check out our other Android app reviews for more Android apps. Crazy Mike

Fruit Ninja Kindle Fire Android App Details

Title: Fruit Ninja
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 10.1 MB
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Store: Amazon App Store

Fruit Ninja Kindle Fire Android App Download Link

Fruit Ninja Amazon App Store

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Fruit Ninja Kindle Fire Android App Developers Description

Fruit Ninja – the messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever!
Carve, Splatter, and Slash
Playing with your food might not seem like a crucial part of ninja training, but as the good folks at Halfbrick Studios will tell you–for ninjas, it’s more than just a game. All ninjas hate fruit! Join the ninja clan as you slash your way through three modes of juicy gameplay. You’ll soon see that Fruit Ninja is the messiest, most satisfying fruit game ever!

Enter the dojo of the wise ninja sensei to hone your deadly fruit-slaying skills. Learning to play is easy: just swipe your finger across the screen to carve gruesome, juice-splattered smears out of hordes of apples, watermelons, coconuts, and other ninja foes. Fruit Ninja is an addictive, fun, casual game that brings a splash of bright color to your Android mobile screen.

Turn your enemies into sorbet with the Ice Blade.
Leave Your Juicer On the Shelf: Get a Ninja Instead
To slice and dice your way into gaming bliss, simply choose one of three different game modes to begin your adventure.

Slice multiple fruit at the same time to score combos and earn bonus points, but be careful of bombs–touching one will put a swift end to your juicy adventure. Precise touchscreen controls and simple addictive gameplay ensure a fun experience for even the youngest of grasshoppers.

Carve up juicy combos.
Good For Your Melon: Sensei’s Fruit Facts
As you train to become a whirlwind of fruit destruction, your success will also please the wise ninja sensei: when he likes what he sees, he may even grant you coveted items and exciting backgrounds. Look sharp with your bright new “Mr. Sparkle” blade, or make your foes feverish with the shifting neon tones of the “Disco Blade.”

In addition to all this free swag, the good sensei has much sage advice to offer you. Did you know that there are over 1,200 varieties of watermelon? Or that in some parts of the world, trained monkeys are used to harvest coconuts? Heed the teachings of your sensei as you continue on with your adventure. After all, as any scholar of war will tell you: you must know your enemy.

Find game-changing power-ups.
Ninjas From Around the World
Gone are the days when ninjas lived a life of hushed secrecy–the modern ninja knows that in this era of social networking, their amazing deeds must be put on display for a global audience. Fruit Ninja features OpenFeint support–an add-on service integrated into the game–that lets you post scores online.

Fight your way up to the top of the leaderboards, or find your friends by importing them from Facebook. Compare scores and compete online for the ultimate bragging rights. You can even unlock achievements as you play through the game, fulfilling special objectives like “Mango Magic” or “Combo Mambo.”

Three Different Game Modes
Arcade Mode
Fast-paced gameplay awaits in Arcade mode, where you’ll keep your eyes peeled for three power-up bananas that can drastically improve your score. A cool, frosty “Freeze” banana slows down the action, making it easier for you to set up your combos. A blue-striped “Double Points” banana doubles all point values for a short period of time–criticals and combos included. And, not to be outdone, an orange-striped “Frenzy” banana triggers a colorful eruption of fruit and stars that pour in from both sides of the screen!

Go back to the original mode that started the Fruit Ninja craze. Precision counts here: there’s no timer, but if you miss three pieces of fruit, it’s game over. Learn to set up your slashes so they hit multiple targets, and avoid any bombs thrown into the mix.

Zen Mode
Enter a meditative state with this peaceful and relaxing game mode. The pressure is off here, with no bombs or power-ups to watch out for, and no penalty for missed fruit: simply try for the highest score possible in 90 seconds of gameplay.

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