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Fruit Sorter – Quick Fingers and Crazy Conveyer Belt!

Fruit Sorter (by Netox Mobile) requires a sharp mind and really quick fingers to correctly corral the variety of fruit coming down that crazy and unstoppable conveyor belt, sorting through 3 different fast-paced game modes. If you fit into this nimble-skill category, then this iOS Universal game is a great way for you to test and prove those bragging rights. Fruit Sorter features 3 similar, yet different, game modes all revolving around a maniacal conveyor belt that brings forth a bevy of different fruit for you to sort.

The 3 game modes are Normal, More Fruits and Time Attack — each will test you in a different way. My favorite is More Fruits. This game mode starts off with 3 different fruit to pick through using your finger to swipe a single type of fruit that you then drag to an awaiting crate, on both sides of the never-ending conveyor belt. However, the real trick to success in any of the game modes is that you can swipe and collect as many of the same type of fruit as you can with one swipe placing the fruit in the correct fruit crate.

This is how you gain big bonuses and get more fruit in a crate, more than by simply dragging one piece of fruit at a time. In the More Fruits mode, more fruits are added (yes, how appropriate) the longer you last. Eventually, in this game mode you could have 4,6,8 different types of fruit to pick through as they speed down the conveyor, which is extremely challenging, but compels you to keep going in order to try and beat the darn thing. No matter how quick you are, some of your fruit will perish by falling off the conveyor belt, which causes you to lose a star for each piece of dropped fruit, and once your stars run out, your game is over — so much for your lucky stars.

Fruit Sorter iPad Game App ReviewsFruit Sorter ipad app reviews

The remaining game modes speak for themselves, with timed being the hardest game mode.  I tell you, Fruit Ninja has nothing on Fruit Sorter, and if you want a true test of your hand-eye-coordination skills, then see how long you can last sorting fruit in this frantic-paced casual game. Oh, I forgot to mention one little pesky visitor that you will see from time-to-time — a cockroach. Don’t be afraid, “man-up” and squish them for bonus points, but don’t forget to watch your conveyor belt while doing so. One last comparison for you old fuddy duddies out there, if you’ve  ever seen the I Love Lucy Show and recall the episode where Lucy was packaging chocolates at one of the many jobs she tried, this game is akin to that out-of-control conveyer belt scene. Once you get behind in this game, your chances of winning dwindle fast, unless of course you’ve got that sharp mind and super fast fingers to help you out. Good luck and and happy fruit sorting. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Fruit Sorter iPad App Details

Title: Fruit Sorter
Price: $0.99
Size: 15.0 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Netox
Store: iTunes App Store

Fruit Sorter iPad App Download Link

Fruit Sorter - Netox

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Fruit Sorter iPad App Developers Description

Fruit Sorter
iOS Universal

Become a worker of a sorting plant and sort fresh fruit in this addictive Fruit Sorter game!

In Fruit Sorter your task is to sort different types of fruit moving on a belt and put them into boxes. Your task will be made easier by the so-called helpers who will be receiving boxes full of fruit. However, your task will not be so easy, because you will need to sort all the fruit before they reach the end of the belt and fall into the mill. You need to put into the boxes only the same fruit. You will get extra bonus points for putting one or more fruit at the same time!

The game offers three modes:
Normal – a basic mode in which you have to sort a fixed quantity of fruit.
More Fruits – in this mode, from time to time, new boxes will be added and you will see new fruit on the belt.
Time Attack – you task will be made more difficult by the passage of time. You have 25 seconds of basic time and additional 4 seconds for each filled box!

Game features:
– three game modes
– addictive endless gameplay
– additional unlockable fruits
– OpenFeint and GameCenter leaderboards and achievements
– Retina HD graphics

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