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Fruity Twist (by Yves Robert) is a fresh puzzle game with 6 stages and 45 levels of tricky fruit-sorting gameplay that will test your gaming endurance. This indie-style game features a very simplistic puzzle game engine, but requires your complete focus, correct timing, and mental endurance to work your way through all 6 stages or level game packs. Why do I say this? The reason is that unlike most puzzle games, this one requires you to complete an entire stage in order to move on to the next, which may seem cruel (and in my case it is), but seriously, it does make the game more challenging and unique. The game’s objective is to sort the various colored fruits: oranges, lemons, watermelon, and so on into the correct colored basket, which is done by switching bamboo guides or rails at the correct time to manipulate the fruit to said correct colored baskets.

Fruity Twist iPhone Game App ReviewFruity Twist iPhone Game App Review

Doesn’t sound too difficult; however, the game moves rather fast as you continue on in the gameplay. At first, you will have time to think, but as you complete levels the fruit drops faster and faster, and you will have to switch the bamboo quickly and correctly to ensure your fruit gets into the right basket. As you progress even farther, there will be black bamboo that will make your job tougher, because it changes the basket colors randomly — and that will require an even better eye and lightening-fast reflexes to adapt to the change as your fruit tumbles downward. Fruity Twist also comes in a FREE version, called Fruity Twist FREE that will let you try out the application before buying. Fruity Twist is a fresh indie puzzler that will definitely test your reflexes and gaming endurance as you try to solve this bamboo switching, fruit-sorting challenge. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Fruity Twist iPhone App Details

Title: Fruity Twist
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.9 MB
Developer: Yves Robert
Store: iTunes App Store

Fruity Twist iPhone App Download Link

Fruity Twist - Yves Robert

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Fruity Twist iPhone App Developers Description

iOS Universal
A very simple game that becomes quickly addictive as you try to unlock the more difficult levels.

You have to flip the bamboos in order to guide the falling sliced fruits so they fall in baskets of the same color.

Simple? Yes, at first, but it becomes quite challenging as the fruits begin to fall faster and faster. Not to mention the colored bamboos that change the fruit colors or the dreaded Black Bamboos that switch baskets at random.

Once you start playing you will have hard time putting this game down.


– 45 levels of increasing difficulty
– 6 stages to unlock
– Beautiful graphics
– very nice old school music

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