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Fuel Monitor App – Real Time Data, Know Your Mileage and Gas Costs

If you groan every time you “fill’er up,” then maybe it’s time to check out the Fuel Monitor iPhone app. This Productivity app will help you become more gas efficient and money wise. Using your iPhone and the Fuel monitor app you’ll be able to track your daily travels and the money spent to get you there. The Fuel Monitor actually tracks your vehicle’s real-time speed, distance traveled, time duration, and cost of fuel used as you travel.

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Fuel Monitor is able to do all this using GPS technology, your entered manufacturer/vehicle data, and an “Efficiency Meter.” This color coded Efficiency Meter graphic tracks your acceleration and deceleration to let you know how efficient your driving style is. The developer actually claims that “good driving will reduce your fuel output by 15% of your monthly fuel costs.” That alone should be enough to pique your interest.

Fuel Monitor has a nice and sleek looking user interface, but may take a little time to figure how everything works. Once you figure it out, you’re good to go. You start in the “My Vehicle” area to enter your vehicle info. Only vehicles from 1985 and on appear to be in the database, with 60,000 domestic/import vehicles to choose from, starting with Acura thru Volvo. You’ll discover your vehicle’s estimated MPG for both city and highway driving. Simply hit the “Start” button to activate the Efficiency Meter and you are ready to start tracking.

Personally, I like The “Map” view, which allows you to see your actual driving path in action. Another nice option in the Fuel Monitor app is the ability to estimate the cost of your travels without going anywhere, simply by typing in the estimated distance or a start/end address.

Each car trip is recorded in the “My Journey” area, showing the flagged map route and other relevant tracking information. You can save or not save, as well as share these mileage reports on Facebook and email. This is also a great app for people who need to accurately record mileage for reimbursement. When I took this app on a road test, I discovered that it did a good job registering my acceleration and deceleration speeds, usually within a 1-3 mile difference from my car’s speedometer, and recording my overall miles.

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Fuel Monitor has the capability to Auto Track, meaning it automatically detects when your vehicle is in motion and starts tracking when it senses you’re moving (distance of a few hundred meters). While some might like the automatic tracking, this could be problematic causing battery drain. I did notice that having the GPS running constantly was extremely draining on my iPhone battery. However, the developer does give you an option to use it sparingly or turn off permanently and to only activate manually.

There were several iTunes’ complaints from others about the drain on their phone’s battery due to the GPS locator constantly running in the background, as well as some that stated the app kept crashing when tracking long trips. It’s a known fact the GPS functionality will use up quite a bit of battery juice, but the developer states, “According to test we carried out, it uses less battery than navigation apps.”

If you travel a lot, or like to use that Automatic Tracking feature, you should plan on keeping a phone charger in your vehicle. One other thing to point out is that although you don’t need internet connection to Auto Track, activating WiFi when available will make your tracking more accurate. One bonus feature worth pointing out is the Accident Kit, this accident reporting feature makes it easy to gather location, vehicle, insurance, and license information and details all in one convenient spot.

Overall, this Productivity/Utility app does what is says and will be useful for tracking your miles and gas consumption. Who knows? Maybe that Efficiency Meter will make you more gas efficient and money wise.

If you like the Fuel Monitor app, be sure to download this app now using the link below.

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