Fun Demolition Game – Crush, Torch and Destroy Everything!

Crush, torch, magnetize and destroy all kinds of stolen goods throughout 30 levels of challenging gameplay in this demolition game by Terilyon software. Crush Shop is a new iPad game that features loads of destructive and physics puzzle gameplay that will test your reflexes and ability to think fast.

ipad demolition games physics puzzle app

In this demolition game you’re the proud owner of a grungy workshop, and you earn your money working with the police to destroy stolen goods. Your job is to control your conveyor belt, choose the right implement of destruction and maneuver it properly to get the job done to earn points and money along the way.

All kinds of stolen items come across your conveyor belt in this demolition-themed physics puzzle game. There are kitchen appliances, toys, propane tanks, expensive tools, anvils and even an alligator. Definitely don’t want to let the gator get away. Using strategic thinking and your quick reflexes to operate all your controls, you select 1 of your 3 demolition tools: either a crushing 3 Ton Weight, scorching blowtorch, or the strong magnetic pull of a giant magnet to get the job done right. For each item you destroy, you’ll score points and more money in this Crush Shop game.

ipad demolition games

The first 3 levels are tutorials that help you learn the ropes, and from there you’ll work your way through the rest of the 27 levels that will become more demanding the farther you go. And as you complete and win levels, you’ll earn new items for your workshop. And for every iron item you discard into the recycling container you’ll get a bonus.

Along with loads of smashing, burning, and magnetizing physics puzzle gameplay, Crush Shop features quality graphics, realistic sounds, and intense music that’ll bring out the demolisher in you. You can start your demolition job now by downloading the Crush Shop Games app using the iTunes App Store link below.

ipad demolition games app

Download The Crush Shop Demolition Game Now!

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