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Fun Learning App for Kids – Dog Tales (Free) (Video)

Learning apps like Dog Tales (for the iPad) are making the process of learning specific math skills fun. This free kids’ learning app features a combination of platform gameplay, multi-tasking problem solving and math problem solving to help kids learn in a fun way. This unique iPad learning game could be called an “Edugame.” Edugames are part game and part educational learning all rolled into one learning app that works nicely on the latest technology like the iPad.

Dog Tales is one such learning app. This math platformer game features Chips (our Hero), who is trying to track down his money that was stolen by a thief. The thief does not know, but the money bags have holes in them which help Chips to follow the coin trail. You’ll play as Chips through 10 platform game levels solving the addition (or other math) problem while trying to dodge enemies, jump from platform to platform and find the correct answer block that Chips has to pickup and place at the right place to reveal the finish line. Each of the 10 levels in this learning game has a 3 star rating based on time, energy, and coins. To achieve all 3 stars, players will have to beat the level time, get all the coins, and have a full energy meter for Chips. However, easy as this may sound, there are plenty of obstacles and enemies in this iPad learning app that make getting all 3 stars quite difficult.


There are shooting robots, shooting guns, birds dropping bombs (if you know what I mean), and sharp objects just to name a few of the obstacles Chips has to deal with in addition to finding the solution to the math problem before time runs out. The developers splash21 did a very nice job creating this free learning app with kids in mind. The simple navigation: hold on left side of the screen to move Chips, tap on right side to jump, tap on objects to pick up/drop, move up ladders based on intuitive up direction on left side, etc., which makes this game easy for kids to learn how to play. While the controls are simple to figure out, I will have to say as a seasoned iPhone, iPad, and Android gamer I found the levels to be a bit too difficult from a gaming perspective. But, the mixture of learning math combined with a platform game is awesome, and I would probably be a N.A.S.A Rocket Scientist if they had these types of learning apps in my day.

This learning app may only have 10 levels, but they are free and there are 10 difficulty settings, which is really additional learning content. The first set of 10 levels is for addition, once completed the next 10 levels feature multiplication by 2, then by 3, etc. This is a great value currently and the developer is creating more learning app content, which will be available through in app purchase (IAP). The fact that you can get 100 levels of math learning app gameplay for free is a really great value for any family, school or educational group that is trying to save a few dollars. Another killer feature in this learning app is that there can be an unlimited number of users featuring their own user name, uploaded picture/avatar, and statistics are kept for each user individually, which is awesome and perfect for any classroom.

Dog Tales is a great free math learning app, but splash21 may want to make the gameplay a bit easier for this multi-tasking math platformer (iPad) learning app to appeal to the younger kids this learning app is perfect for.

Learn more about the Dog Tales learning app, watch the Dog Tales iPad App Video Demo here!

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