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Funky Smugglers – Whacky TSA Training Game (Now Free)!

Prepare yourself to become a qualified TSA airport screener while playing the new iPhone and iPad game called Funky Smugglers.

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Snap on your latex gloves and grab every red item you can while avoiding green items. In this game you’re an airport screener and your job is to board plane after plane of whacky travelers, eliminating contraband items in this funky 70s themed action game. Each level starts with a specific whacky named group boarding a plane and the number of passengers varies. As the passengers enter the customizable x-ray machine, you swipe the red objects off of each person, getting multiple objects in 1 swipe earns you combo points. You can hold items for a certain period of time, but beware of the green items because if you bump into any of them while removing red items, you’ll lose a life.

Funky Smugglers’ difficulty increases after about 4 plane boardings and becomes rather tricky. Eventually you have to maneuver red and green items (seriously close to one another) from passengers who begin to move quite quickly through your x-ray machine. Another cool feature in this game is the team battle modes. This game mode allows you to earn coins to purchase upgrades, new x-ray screener skins, as well as additional contraband-themed game item packs.

Funky Smugglers is funky fun for sure, and will teach you everything you need to know to become a qualified TSA screener, or thereabouts!

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