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Funny Basket – FREE Funky Basketball Game!

Funny Basket is a FREE iOS Universal game that combines 2 favorite past times: shooting hoops and travelling the world as you try to make the most baskets while playing in the 2 different game modes. This indie-style basketball game has an international flaire, lots of customization, and several skills that will help you get the ball into the hoop.

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The 2 game modes include Arcade and Time Limit. Arcade game mode lets you travel the globe shooting baskets in different cities like Miami, Athens, Istanbul, Cairo, and many others — gradually getting more difficult. Time Limit is free play more or less where you score as many points as you can in 1:20 min. A big difference in the game modes is that Arcade features nasty storm clouds that blow, drop things on, and change your basketball into weird basketballs that make your gameplay more difficult.

Also, the clouds become more prominent the farther you travel. To offset the nasty clouds there are a number of skills or power-ups that you can use with the coins earned from gameplay or through buying coins in in-app purchase. The skills include: Hot Finger, Three Balls, Shrink Me, Magnet, Full Line, and Protection. The power-ups or skills are very handy, but you better hurry because they do not last long.

While I enjoyed this FREE iPhone and iPad game, I would like to see a little faster gameplay. A tweak with the time between shots or various times for levels would be a great addition to this game. The coins come fairly easy, but you will have to play for a period of time to gain enough to buy skills. Customization is vast in this game with the ability to customize balls, rims, backboards, cities, and nets. Funny Basket does have ads throughout this FREE game, but they are mostly non-pervasive and can be removed with in app purchase if you choose. Funny Basket is a fun, FREE iOS Universal game that is definitely worth checking out on either your iPad or iPhone. Be sure to watch the iPad video app demo for a complete look at this game. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

Funny Basket – Trip around the world iPad App Details

Title: Funny Basket – Trip around the world
Price: Free
Size: 43.8 MB
Category: Games
Developer: Bongly
Store: iTunes App Store

Funny Basket – Trip around the world iPad App Download Link

Funny Basket - Trip around the world - Bongly

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Funny Basket – Trip around the world iPad App Developers Description

iOS Universal

Have fun with Funny Basket
★★★★★ FUNNY BASKET ★★★★★
Do you like basketball? Try the Funny Basket app.


The game features simple touch and drag controls and realistic physics. Tap and drag anywhere on the dotted line to change the power and angle of your shot and release to shoot

Arcade: over 28 levels in beautiful places, but watch out for enemies that will make life difficult.
Time Limit: score the maximum number of points within the 120 seconds allowed (no enemies)

Earn more money than you can in order to purchase skills and features!!!

– Hot Finger: Throw balls faster for 25 sec.
– Three Balls: Throw three balls together for 15 sec.
– Shrink Me: Decreases the sizes of the ball for 20 sec.
– Magnet: The ball is attracted to the basket for 15 sec.
– Full Line: Full trajectory line for 20 sec.
– Protection: Invulnerability for 35 sec.

Only for Time Limit Mode:
– City Pack 1: unlock 4 new wonderful location
– City Pack 2: unlock 4 new wonderful location
– City Pack 3: unlock 4 new wonderful location
– City Pack 4: unlock 4 new wonderful location
– Graphic Pack: unlock backboards
– Ball Pack: unlock golf, tennis, volley, beach, soccer, bowling balls

– Support for right and left handed player
– OpenFeint support
– Shoot as many basketballs as you can to earn points, coins and stars
– Choose from different background city themes
– Compete with friends via leaderboard rankings
– Drag finger to aim basketball and make a basketball shot
– Release finger to take a basketball shot at basketball hoop
– Enjoy making basketball shots
– Score the maximum number of points within the 120 seconds allowed
– Time limit
– Intuitive touch-screen controls!
– A fun basketball game!

– Time Limit
– Arcade

Over 15 achievement:
– 3, 5, 10 and 15 throws in row
– Beginner, Expert and Pro Accuracy
– Beginner, Rookie, Expert and Pro points in a game
– Beginner, Average and Pro player
– Coins, Skills and Features Shopper

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