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Funny Facts Free 8000+, Free for Android

You can find lots of interesting facts for free on your Android with Funny Facts Free 8000+. This free Android Comics app is full of “stupid to profound” information, and includes jokes, quotes, statistics — and more. There is nothing special about this app, even down to the ordinary legal-pad-type yellow paper that all the facts, statistics, quotes, and jokes are written on. However, the vast amount of free and entertaining information is what makes this a pretty cool app that you can use for trivia games, conversation starters, a little time wasting with benefits (because you actually learn something) — or just for fun. The share feature is weird and is not intuitive, only allowing me to share to social websites whose apps are installed on my Galaxy Nexus. There is an option to have the facts read back by tapping on a set of big lips, which is a cool feature, but the more than robotic computer narrator is a little painful to listen to.

But, it’s been said that “Knowledge is power” and I found a few things out by using this app: 1) brain surgery has been conducted on cockroaches, 2) Super Bowl Sunday is the #1 party day — but the least number of weddings occur on this weekend, and 3) 10% of the world is left-handed. There are also stupid jokes, inspirational quotes and other obscure information that we humans love to discover. Watch this app in action in our Funny Facts FREE 8000+ Android App Video Review.


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