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Burrito Bison, Fun and Funny iPhone Launcher Game (Video)

Burrito Bison is a crazy launcher game that features a highly “ripped” wrestling Bison that you’ll use to pummel different gummies and to see how far you can fly!

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Ravenous Games brings a classic launcher game iTunes with just the right concoction of launch, bounce, and hilarity. Your player is a buff wrestling buffalo that you launch towards Jaw Breaker, your foe. Each launch is critical and the more speed you can build up the better because once launched you will bounce off a variety of gummy bears to gain lift and hit other airborne gummies to pick up speed to break through level doors in order to travel to a new areas.

Burrito Bison is iOS Universal and includes power-ups: Hang-glider Gummy Bears, Rocket Gummy Bears, Balloon Gummy Bears, and others that will help you build up speed to crash through level doors to continue the bouncing madness.

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iPhone Video App Review for Burrito Bison GameBurrito Bison iPhone Video App Review

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