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Funny iPhone App – Gangnam DanceBooth

This funny iPhone app, Gangnam DanceBooth, lets you create silly videos from photos of others doing the “Gangnam Style” Dance. Make anyone dance like PSY, “Gangnam Style“, with this fun, free iPhone Entertainment app. Gangnam DaneBooth features 2 free characters, changeable backgrounds, and the classic “Gangnam Style” music video that has become an overnight pop culture phenomena. The whacky K-pop dance style that PSY has now made infamous on YouTube, called “Gangnam Style” (video link), is approaching 1 billion . Actually, is way over 1 billion views and will easily become the #1 most viewed video on YouTube. Wow!

This funny iPhone app is a result of the hit “Gangnam Style” dance and is hilarious, free, and you can even make President Barrack Obama “Gangnam Style” dance, or at least I did. This funny iPhone app is super easy to use: select a photo, crop, then choose a background, stock or another photo, then tap to record. The app records as the song plays, but only 1 minute can be shared. It appears that only the first 1 minute can be shared because I did not see any way to manipulate which 1 minute portion, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Gangnam DanceBooth is one funny iPhone app and lets you make anyone become a “Gangnam Style” dancer, even Grandma can bust a move!

**01/30/13 Update – This app is not currently available in the US iTunes App Store.

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Video: Watch The Funny iPhone App – Gangnam DanceBooth Video Now!


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Currently not available in the US iTunes App Store

**01/30/13 Update – This app is not currently available in the US iTunes App Store.

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  1. fyi its not P.S.Y its PSY like Psyco… you dont say the letters. and its not gang nem style… its like how its said in the song… gangnam style or in our language it sounds like gongnum style.

    • Yes,

      thank you, I was mostly new to PSY, I guess pronounced like Sigh or Sy. I thought I had the Gangnam sound down and have watched the hit video too many times, but thank you for the information, gongnum style, very cool. I take it you are Korean? Thanks for the help 🙂


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