Funny iPhone App, Spit On A Banker – Do You Have Spitting Skills?

Looking for a good laugh? Then give Spit On A Banker, a funny iPhone app, a download and see if you have the spitting skills needed to make your mark! This silly, free iPhone game places you high atop buildings, bridges and other places. And yes, you guessed it, your goal is to “spit on bankers.” The folks at Gob On Games are responsible for this funny iPhone app that is based on various hero characters getting revenge on the greedy bankers, a.k.a villains.

Funny iPhone Game Spit On A Banker

Spit On A Banker is an Indie Style casual game where you use a horizontal slider to move your hero, and to spit you’ll need to pull back on your hero’s head. The farther you pull back the farther you spit, and if you are trying to win at this game of skill you will want to pay attention to the “spit strength meter” on the left side of the game board. Points are earned for spitting on the bankers, but watch out because you can lose points by spitting on regular people. And if you spit on the police, you’ll lose a lot of points. The hard part of this funny iPhone app is that the bankers are always moving and some are farther away than others.

Funny iPhone Apps

There are currently 13 levels in this silly iPhone game, with the first 2 free. There are also a wide variety of heroes to play as, such as Union Boss, Ex Girlfriend, and Broke Film Star, among others. The underlying backstory for this funny iPhone app, if you have not already figured it out, is that the bankers always get our money. So during these tough financial times, here is your chance to relieve a little stress and “spit on a banker.” Disclaimer – no actual bankers were spit on during the writing of this blog post and LLC. does not advocate spitting on real bankers!

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