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Funny Photo App – Facinate Chinatown Free, New Year’s Fun

Add some cultural excitement to your New Year’s Eve celebration this year with a free funny photo app called Facinate Chinatown Free – Funny New Year Props. This Entertainment app delivers festive Chinatown-style pizzazz to all your uninspiring photos. With this funny photo app all you have to do is take a photo of yourself, family, friends, your pet (and whomever and whatever else makes you happy), and then add traditional Chinese-New-Year-inspired holiday props, decorations, and accessories from the 8 available categories. These categories really liven up your photos and help you create fun, pretty, peculiar, interesting and/or hilarious photos to celebrate the fast approaching New Year. But don’t keep all the Chinatown fun to yourself, share your festive New Year’s photo creations with others and ring in the New Year on a happy note.

I don’t know about you, but Chinese New Year decorations are like eye candy to me, especially that exciting Chinese Red color. So I was happy to see the traditional Chinese Red and Gold background on the opening screen, with some moving animation. I discovered that this funny photo app has nice quality Asian-themed graphics and a smooth working interface that is easy to use. In a matter of seconds I was able to grab a photo and started decorating my photo with a few select frames, decorative stickers, props and accessories. You’ll have 3 options to start: take a photo using your camera, import from your camera roll or use last saved image within the app.

After selecting your photo, just tap on the paper lantern to reveal the 8 categories this funny photo app has: Accessories, Hats, Wigs, Masks, Mustaches, Frames, Stickers, and Valentine Teaser. This free version comes with approximately 3-6 items for each category, which I found to be plenty to begin with. I started by taking a picture of myself and putting on a bright yellow conical rice hat, a mustache-beard combo, and crazy heart glasses from the Valentine Teaser category, and then proceeded to fill my photo with items that had the traditional good luck symbol on them, dragons, mandarin oranges, paper fans, and other things I recognize but don’t know by name.


The prop items are really easy to work because the developer provided functionality to enlarge images, make them smaller and rotate the items for a more realistic fit. Simple taps place items in the photo for you to manipulate (and lock in place) and double taps give you an option to remove, change, and reset size. However, there was a little funkiness in the layering effect. You’ll have to put a hat on first and then place a mask on the face to get the overlapping right, and when I tried to add a pair of eyeglasses and beard to a mask, it wouldn’t appear on top of the mask. It appeared in the initial view, but disappeared underneath the mask layer. But honestly, this is pretty common with most of the funny photo apps for the iPhone that I’ve come across. Regardless, you can still create plenty of interesting prop/accessories creations. And I had a blast disguising several people in a group photo with crazy hats, beards, masks and glasses to come up with a hilarious group shot.

Since this funny photo app reflects traditional items relevant to the Chinese New Year, you’ll also find decorative things like fruit, firecrackers, coins, and special blessing stickers. But the most fun part about this app is adding the traditional Chinese accessories and hair pieces to each person in the photo, which actually made me laugh out loud. This free Entertainment app has plenty of free Chinese decorations to “Facinate” others, but you can buy the full version (Facinate Chinatown – Funny New Year Props) for just $0.99, which has 100+ item.

As much fun as I had using this funny photo app, I was disappointed that you couldn’t save photos from within app, other than to the camera roll. There are a couple of other things that would really make this app shine, and that would be adding your own custom text to photos, as well as the ability to save photos within the app — allowing you to easily view all your crazy creations. Of course, I’d love to see multi-layering of items, and since many people may not be familiar with all the Chinese New Year item terminology, I think it would be a cool addition to the give proper names of each of these items, which would add some educational and cultural value to the app.

Overall, I think Facinate Chinatown Free – Funny New Year Props is a great value (it’s Free) and provides plenty of festive cultural fun to the New Year’s Eve celebration. And if you’re really into funny photo apps, and Chinese New Year, you’ll want to download the full version for $0.99.

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  1. Harsal Dershil says:

    Wow! it’s amazing…… I love it and will forward it to all of my friends….

    • mrscrazymike says:

      Yes, I think it’s a great free photo app for the occasion and had a lot of fun reviewing it.


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