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Fur and Furious – Crazy Cats Chase Red Laser Dot In Endless Runner Game!

Run as 1 of 2 cat heroes in Fur and Furious, a super challenging Android endless runner game that features 3 game areas, power-ups, and cartoon-style graphics. Every cat that I’m aware of goes cRaZy over a bright red laser dot, just like in this game – especially when it cannot catch that elusive red dot.

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I can tell you from personal experience that our family cat, Izzy, goes bonkers whenever I flash my laser pen light on the floor or wall just ahead of him (where he can’t catch it) making him bounce off walls and furniture in pursuit of that red laser dot. And just like real life, Enti and Gru, the 2 cat heroes in Fur and Furious, cannot help themselves from chasing after the red laser dot either.

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Fur and Furious Game Overview

The object of this Android endless runner game is simple, keep your cat alive as long as possible by tapping to jump and avoiding game-ending obstacles. However, it is not that easy. Your heroes run through 3 different stages or areas, each with its own dangerous obstacles to avoid. Each game starts with you playing as Enti or Gru and automatically running from left to right. There are shelves to jump on, cat treats to eat which charge up your cat’s special skill, and power-ups to help you stay alive longer. Enti’s special skill is to do a double jump while Gru powers through items with his special skill.

Fur and Furious Android Endless Runner Game Review

Besides cat treats, there are also objects each cat can crash through to get points, such as paper bags and books. But there are also plenty of objects that neither cat can run through, at least not without a special skill or a power-up. Power-ups include a Magnet that automatically collects cat treats, a Double Points trophy that does just that, and an Invincible Ninja mode that makes your cat hero invincible. Each power-up can be upgraded up to 5 times using game points only.

Fur and Furious is a free-to-play game that has minimal ads, no in app purchases, and is a bit more challenging than most endless runner games.


Fur and Furious Gameplay

Once you start a game your distance and points begin to accumulate. At each 50 meter increment you will get a pop up notification letting you know how far you have gone. The first 50 meters you only have to dodge couches and large paper bags. But once you get past 50 meters, there are flying forks, knives, and plates that will trip you up. The jump action control is on the left side of the screen, while the special skill action button is on the lower left.

Once you fill the special skill meter with yellow (by collecting cat treats), tap to activate the skill when you want to use it. Enti can double jump to go higher, while Gru can pass through any big items like couches, safes, etc. As I said before, this game is challenging and you will find yourself dying a lot in this game. To make it to the 2nd and 3rd stages you will need quick reflexes and a bit of luck, but it is not impossible – I think?


Fur and Furious is a good endless runner game for free, but prepare yourself for some super challenging gameplay. I can typically make it very far it most endless runner games, but the farthest I got it in this game was 132 meters. The hardest items to dodge are the flying silverware, especially when using either heroes’ special skill, as well as falling safes. So good luck and happy chasing to see if you can finally catch the maniacal red dot.

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Android OS Arcade Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.0.1
Fur and Furious
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 04/23/2014
Fun, yet very challenging Android endless runner game where you can play as 1 of 2 cat heroes.
3 / 5 stars

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