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FxGuru, The Only FX App You Need for Your iPhone or Android!

With the FxGuru app, you don’t have to be an expert in special video effects to make really cool FX videos! All you need to do to make quick and awesome FX videos is open this app, pick your FX template, add video, make some tweaks, process, and you are ready to share your amazing FX video. FxGuru: Movie FX Director is a free Android Entertainment app that currently gives you 8 free FX templates. The special effects you get for free are: Breaking News, Birthday Bot, Dancing Droid, Piano Drop, Bunker Buster, Satellite Crash, UFO Shuttle, and TNT Barrel. But since the Halloween update for this app, you get an extra FX template, the Dancing Skeleton, which is fantastic.

fx app fx guru android app review


FxGuru: Movie FX Director is a great free FX app for anyone remotely interested in creating cool videos. Besides the free FX templates, there are currently 41 additional FX templates that you can purchase inside the app. Some of them include T-Rex, Police Chase, Dragon Breathing Fire and more. I purchased the Zeta-Pack 6 and found the Ghost Bride to be freakishly awesome. If you have never used FxGuru, no worries because this app is super easy to use and not buggy at all. When you open the app, the FX templates that are unlocked are on the left side and have a silver title as opposed to the locked FX templates that have a gold title and usually appear on the right side.

Select an FX template, tap start and after the FX downloads you’re ready to go. All you need to do is pick a target for your selected FX video and tap start and record anywhere from 1 to 12 seconds of video. There is a handy decal to show you exactly where the special effect will be, and this can be reversed on some FX templates. After you shoot your video the screen will turn green. Next change your timing if you want, edit MotionMatch action, add a cinematic filter (24 included), edit sounds, remove the FxGuru credits if you like and you are done. Now you can share your awesome FX video through YouTube, Facebook, and to your camera roll, email, etc.

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The process works the same with all the FX templates in this FX app. A very cool feature in this FX app is the MotionMatch technology. MotionMatch technology, which is proprietary to this app, makes special effects in this much more realistic. MotionMatch allows for movement of your Android, iPhone or iPad while recording video, but this does not make your video FX look cheesy because the FX does not move. You can see the MotionMatch Demo Video here as explained by the developer, Picadelic.

fx app fx guru movie fx director review


FxGuru: Movie FX Director is truly the only Fx app you need for your Android, iPhone or iPad. So what are you waiting for? Download this free app and start making really cool FX videos today!

Download The Best Fx App – FxGuru: Movie FX Director Now Free!

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