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Gaga Duck – Silly, Duck-Diving Reverse Jumper Game

Gaga Duck is an iPhone game that features 2 types of games wrapped into one: a Reverse Jumper and a Shooter game where your Duck and his robot friend (Yamu) work together to clean out the garbage-ridden pond throughout the 3 challenging game modes. It is about time a developer turned the traditional Jumper game upside down, where the player has to go down farther and farther — opposite of the norm. Not sure if it’s me or this game, but I found Gaga Duck to be a good challenge, and it takes some time to get use to going down and not up — just saying.

Your duck (Gaga) and Yamu (who eats garbage) dive way down as far as possible using bubbles to push off of, diving deeper and farther down into the pond. To keep things interesting, there are several different kinds of bubbles, some good ones that will shoot you faster and farther, and some not so good, like the one touch bubbles that disappear after you push off of them. You use the iPhone’s accelerometer to guide your duck deeper while trying to navigate the bubbles in order to keep going because once you miss a bubble you will float back up to the top of the pond. There are also some obstacles in the form of crabs, fish, and snakes that will also end your game, but not to worry because you have a fierce-shooting duck bill that can take out any enemy — just tap, aim, and tap on the enemy at hand. The other diving game mode is called Challenge and totally lives up to its name. In this game, Yamu creates air bubbles from the garbage that Gaga gathers, but no air bubbles exist until you get the garbage, which means while you travel downward you not only have to push off the bubbles correctly, but you have to continue to create air bubbles through garbage collection making it a little trickier.

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The final game mode is an arcade-style Shooter where you shoot all incoming bubbles as well as enemies. If you loose your 10 hearts or let an enemy past you, your game is over. Gaga Duck is a whimsically-fun, creative casual iPhone game, but don’t let that fool you because there is a significant difficulty factor in all game modes — good luck on the Challenge mode, you will need it. Be sure to watch the iPhone video app demo for a complete look at this iPhone game. Check out more of our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

Gaga Duck iPhone App Details

Title: Gaga Duck
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 16.6 MB
Developer: Casual Craft
Store: iTunes App Store

Gaga Duck iPhone App Download Link

Gaga Duck - Casual Craft

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Gaga Duck iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone

Our exciting game gives you an opportunity to play as the fun and very cunning Duck. Our story starts when Duck accidentally meets with the extraterrestrial robot YaMu who feeds on rubbish, and our heroes decide to clean out Duck’s pond.

Gameplay Features:
Three different and exciting game modes
Excellent two dimensional graphics, with unique animations
Soundtrack performed at the highest level
A plethora of bonuses and challenging gameplay moments
Ability to share your high scores through all the popular social networks
35 challenging and interactive achievements to keep you coming back again and again

Gameplay modes:
Classic mode: a “jumper” game made in reverse: guide Duck from bubble to bubble as he dives deeper and deeper while YaMu collects the garbage along the way down
Challenge Mode: there are no bubbles for Duck to jump on, but YaMu has a unique ability: to form air bubbles out of the garbage you collect. Try and see how far you can get with the robot’s help!
Survival Mode: a true challenge for even the most tried and experienced players, and of particular interest to lovers of classical arcade shooters. Help Duck shoot through the incoming air bubbles and other creatures of the deep to get to the bottom of the pond.

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