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GameGlyph – Not Your Ordinary Text Editor!

GameGlyph (by is a convenient text editor featuring common game icons (glyphs) for chess, cards, dice, and more. This application helps you to convey game information by using your other iPad productivity applications, and also allows you to share GameGlyphs through social networks, SMS, and email.

GameGlyph is unlike any other text editor in the iTunes App Store, currently available for the iPad. GameGlyph does share regular text editor functions, but where it becomes unique is in the game glyphs (glyph – a symbol that conveys information nonverbally – Merriam-Webster) provided in the app for chess, cards, dice and iChing (for fortune telling). The application has a blue section where there are a variety of game glyphs, and for chess and cards there are 2 different sets of glyphs for these games; dice has one, as well as iChing. There are some very useful “hot keys” that copy all or save your progress upon closing so that when you open, you can pick up right where you left off.

GameGlyph iPad Game App ReviewsGameGlyph iPad Game App Reviews

An extra cool feature is a convert Hex to Unicode button that allows you to take a 4-character designator, select it and hit the Convert button in the lower right of the blue GameGlyph specific text editor area and “voila” you get your icon. This is great for avid Twitter users, and as a way to spice up your emails or text messages. The application method for this GameGlyph is to create your game documents using the glyphs of your choice: be it cards, chess, dice, or what have you, and then copy all, leave the application and paste into another application like Pages, Keynote, IA Writer, etc. During my testing of this application, it worked very well with a nice user interface, was easily explained by using the Help key (on the far right). GameGlyph may work like your ordinary iPad text editor, but the interesting and additional (game glyphs) text options make it extraordinary. Watch our other iPad video app demos . Crazy Mike

GameGlyph iPad App Details

Title: GameGlyph
Price: $2.99
Size: 0.1 MB
Category: Games
Store: iTunes App Store

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GameGlyph -

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GameGlyph iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
If you’re into gaming, and need to send messages or emails using game icons, need to create chess diagrams, or want to document games of bridge or even Texas Hold’em, there’s a solution for the iPad.

From the makers of Cymbol, GameGlyph is a easy-to-use yet full-function text editor that gives you easy access to the glyphs for chess, cards, and dice and, to top it off, a full set of I Ching trigrams for telling your fortune. GameGlyph doesn’t play these games, but gives you the tools to annotate, document, and message game information using your favorite productivity applications.

Easily copy and paste messages and snippets containing both text; game icons into Twitter, SMS, email, or any other text-based application, or save complex snippets for later use. You can even convert Unicode hex code into glyphs for other games or symbols if they are supported in the target font.

Have a look at the screen shots for some examples.

Here’s are some of the features waiting for you in GameGlyph:
* An integrated full-function editor
* One-tap editing without searching code tables
* One button “Copy All”, “Clear All”, Save All
* Compatible with Mail, Notes, Pages, IA Writer and others
* Great for package and label copy, too!
* Supports all screen orientations.
* If the included glyphs are not enough, “Hex to Unicode” converts 4-character codes directly into a glyph of your choice.
* Available for those who wish to point out who is ♛ or roll seven,


GameGlyph is a must-have utility for every serious gamer.

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