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Gangnam Style – Like The Song, This App Not So Much

The hit song Gangnam Style has taken the world by storm, and expectedly, there is an app for that called Gangnam Style Massacre. While I actually like the hit techno-techy-nerd-Asian-vibe song: Gangnam Style, this app is very bad. Trust me, save 5 minutes of your life and avoid this game. Although I live on the web, I must have blinked and missed the CrAzY hit song Gangnam Style that came out in July 2012, as a Korean Pop song. But it has exploded in YouTube with over 760 million views and the 2nd most watched YouTube video of all time. I saw a funny Saturday Night Live skit with Seth McFarlane, which introduced me to this cult phenomena. I was hooked, and being an avid app connoisseur the top charting free Gangnam Style Massacre iPhone app caught my attention.

However, after opening the app and playing for 5 minutes — I realized it was horrible. The best part of this app is that you get an instrument only version of the Gangnam Style song in the background, but shooting the vase off the head of Gangnam Style dude with an arrow is less than weak. There is really no point to the game: shoot, hit the vase, miss and get an ad stuffed into your face (you have to tap off), in addition to the banner ads at the bottom of the game, if you can really call it a game.

But, I still purchased the song from iTunes and account for about 7 of the 760 million+ YouTube video views. Watch our Gangnam Style App Video Review for a look at this crap app.

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