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Gemstone Jamboree – Fun, Free Gem Matching Game for iOS and Android!

Gemstone Jamboree is like Candy Crush Saga, but more enjoyable to play since it does not come with the expensive in-app purchases. This free gem matching game for iOS and Android devices is packed with gameplay, unique level backgrounds, and a fun story complete with unusual characters.

Gem matching games are some of the most popular games you will find in the iTunes App Store and Google Play. But what exactly is a gem matching game or match 3 game? If you don’t know, it’s a casual game where the objective is to match 3 or more gems (candy) of like color and shape to make a match. These matches remove those gems or candy from the game board scoring you points. And making matches of 4, 5, or 6 gems (or candy) provides special gems or candies that clear entire lines vertically or horizontally on the game board. Also, there are typically various types of game modes in these gem matching games.

Gemstone Jamboree, like Candy Crush Saga and Bejeweled Blitz is an epic gem matching game that takes you on an adventure. This one takes you through a South American game board currently consisting of 50 unique levels of gameplay. But what else makes Gemstone Jamboree different from other gem matching games?

iPad App Review for Gem Matching Game Gemstone Jamboree

Gemstone Jamboree Game Features

While Candy Crush Saga is no doubt a popular gem matching game, it can also be very costly to play. Candy Crush Saga requires in-app purchases to unlock game areas, buy more lives, and get power-ups to keep on playing – and they are definitely not cheap! Gemstone Jamboree on the other hand features completely free gameplay. However, it does have in-app purchases for lives and more moves, but at a much more reasonable price. A couple of other bonuses with this game are that you do not need to pay to unlock new game areas when playing Gemstone Jamboree and there are no in-game advertisements. While there are only 50 levels of gameplay currently, there appears to be more levels coming very soon.

Gemstone Jamboree features a fun storyline with our hero catching a ride from Moby the whale and meeting other unusual characters as he makes his way around South America. Another nice feature is the large variety of game modes this matching game has to offer. Game modes include: Score points, Free the Gems, Clear the Ground, Collect Gems, Collect Fruits, and many more that keep this game interesting and re-playable. You can also login with Facebook to play against your friends while playing Gemstone Jamboree, again, all for free. But how do you play this mobile game?

Gemstone Jambore Gem Matching Game iPad App Review Video

Gemstone Jamboree Gameplay

As already mentioned, Gemstone Jamboree is a match 3 (or more) gem matching game where your goal is to complete the objective for that level. Again, this is done by making matches of 3 or more gems. Unlike other gem matching games, you can make multiple matches at the same time, which can get fairly intense. This takes a quick mind as well as quick hands, but that’s what makes this game a lot of fun to play. However, when you play a game mode that limits your number of moves, to say score “x” amount of points or to collect “x” number of gems or fruit, you may want to slow down and make your moves a little more calculated.

Additionally, Gemstone Jamboree features playful graphics to go along with the playful storyline, which offers plenty of cut scene video snippets as you play through this game.

Gem Matching Game for iPad and Android App Review

Overall, Gemstone Jamboree is a fun gem matching game that features lots of game modes, unique game board backgrounds, no annoying ads, and is completely free to play. You can get your app download now using the links below!

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Developer: Pocket Playground
iOS Universal, Games Application, Cost: $0.00, v. 1.1
Gemstone Jamboree
Written by: Michael Vallez
Date Published: 08/01/2014
Gem matching game featuring several different modes of gameplay, unique backgrounds for each level, and all for free!
3.5 / 5 stars

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