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Geography Drive USA – Fun Geography Learning Game!

Geography Drive USA is an award-winning iPad Education app that will put you and your kids on the road to an awesome learning adventure. Kids 6-12+ will be steered in the right direction as they travel across all 50 states learning about national and state geography in the Geography Drive USA app.



There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned road trip to fuel a person’s sense of adventure, imagination and knowledge. And in this educational game, knowledge is the key, or should I say the fuel needed to keep your car on the road, and in the game. Geography Drive USA features a fun retro theme, complete with old-timey graphics, music and sounds that are sure to make you feel nostalgic.



This trivia-based tap-and-drag geography game feels a lot like a traditional board game. It’s definitely an educational game that the whole family can enjoy playing together. Geography Drive USA also has the functionality to track and keep score for 1-3 players/or teams. Each player chooses a stock garage sign as his or her playing piece, which will be Lincoln’s Garage, Washington’s Garage, or Roosevelt’s Garage. There’s even an option to customize your sign.

In order to head out on the wide open road, you’ll need to select your only vehicle option to start (a red Sedan). If the Sedan isn’t to your liking, don’t worry because you’ll have car upgrade options later. The objective in Geography Drive USA is to “clear as many states” as you can before your fuel runs out. To clear or claim a state, all 3 multiple choice questions have to be answered correctly. Correctly answering trivia questions about each state unlocks the “state pass” card.

A state pass gives access to fuel stations and airports to help you travel from state to state. And to make the game even more interesting, you can participate in mini game activities like the State Fair, delivery/pick-ups, and more to earn money. But pay attention and don’t let your gas run out or the game is over. If you’re running low on gas, pull into the filling station and answering 5 questions, which will earn you $5 per correct answer. You can also pick up and deliver goods to earn cash as well. Or be adventurous and spend money buying a plane ticket to travel to another state. Or Perhaps you’d rather go to the State Fair for $10 and try your luck at naming states by shape or by all 50 state capitals. Be warned, it’s trickier than you think!



I found this iPad game to be more fun and challenging than I originally thought. And if you’re like me and find yourself a little rusty on the old geography and state facts, head over to the “Visitor Center” for some much needed help. It’s really clever how Spinlight Studio (the developer) chose to display each state’s information as a tourist brochure on a rack. Tap on any state to reveal your cheat sheet/study guide. All the info you’ll need to successfully clear states in this game is found here. There are also national and regional maps you may need to study as well.

In a nut shell, Geography Drive USA is a wonderfully creative, “think-outside-the-box” geography learning app with 750+ questions that go beyond just state capital names, abbreviations and flags. Kids will also get an opportunity to learn about bodies of water, time zones, famous routes, major cities, historical events, landmarks, and more. And best of all, this educational game makes learning fun for all.

*The Geography Drive USA app by Spinlight Studio usually sells for $3.99, but this iPad app has price dropped to $2.99 for a limited time. You can download this Education app using the App Store link below.

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