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In case you missed it, as of last week Amazon Prime members got another awesome feature for being a Prime member – free music! This makes being an Amazon Prime member that much sweeter.

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a yearly paid membership to Amazon (currently $99) that provides free 2-day shipping on many, but not all items Amazon sells, as well as streaming media features: Prime Instant Video and Prime Music (new). Amazon Prime Instant Video is similar to Netflix, but probably has a better selection of new release TV shows as well as plenty of new and older movies.

Amazon Prime (Affiliate Link)

Amazon Prime Music

The big news is Prime Music. Again, added just last week. Amazon has been selling music for years, but now they are giving away loads of music for free to existing and new Amazon Prime Members. Currently, there are over 1,000,0000 songs for free with Amazon Prime Music, with more being added every day – and they’re not lame songs. Sure, you’ll find plenty of older titles, but I was able to nab over 1,000 songs that I did not already have from Rock, Classic Rock, Pop, Blues and Country music categories.

Pop Music free with the Amazon Music with Prime Music App

Prime Music comes in the form of songs, albums, and awesome pre-made playlists.

Free Music Playlists with Amazon Prime Music

There are a wide variety of categories to find free music in and they are as follows:

Alternative & Indie Rock
Broadway & Vocalists
Children’s Music
Classic Rock
Comedy & Miscellaneous
Dance & Electronic
Hard Rock & Metal
Latin Music
New Age
Opera & Vocal
Rap & Hip-Hop
World Music

There are also current Top Hit songs like John Legends, “All of Me” which is free through Prime Music. So, not only do you get access to a library of older music from all categories, you get some top new releases. Surely, this may be to encourage you to purchase the remaining songs on a new release album, but you don’t have to.

Free New Releases with Amazon Prime Music

How To Get Free Amazon Prime Music

There are a bunch of ways to get your free Amazon Prime music, but you first have to have an Amazon Prime membership (see affiliate link above). Once you get your Amazon Prime account, you will want to download the Amazon Music for PC/Mac app below.

Similar to iTunes, but a stand-alone music player, music library, and Amazon’s Music Store all-in-one place. It also shows all music from iTunes, but does not allow you to load music into it. Instead, it actually works with your existing iTunes library and has some settings for iTunes when downloading music to your computer. This app works great on your PC or Mac for streaming music that you get from Amazon – and it is free to download.

Classic Rock Amazon Music Prime App Review

There is also the Amazon Music with Prime Music app for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android devices, and Kindle Fire devices. This app was updated across all devices when Prime Music was incorporated as a free feature for Amazon Prime members. However, there may be a few bugs with the app. At least that is what is being reported in the Google Play and iTunes reviews for the new version of the app. However, I have used both versions of this app and it works fine for me. Albeit a little confusing at first, but it works pretty well.

Regardless, being an existing Amazon Prime member, I have found Prime Music to be an awesome bonus for my money. I was already paying for the membership and instead of taking features away, Amazon added more – a lot more.

So what are you waiting for? Get your free Prime Music today using the above and below app links and enjoy!

Download The Amazon Music with Prime Music App Now!

iTunes App Download Link
Google Play Android App Download Link



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