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App Developers, Do You Want your app to Get Reviewed? Increase your chances of getting reviewed by submitting a promo code or .apk file (Android).

We love apps and love the creativity app developers bring to the table in their iOS and Android applications. However, due to the large amount of “Get Reviewed” app submissions we get, we are only able to review a small portion of these. But, if you have extra promo codes or a downloadable .apk file, we will try our best to share your app with our social communities.

Would you like CrazyMikesapps To Share Your App With Others?

To participate, submit 5+ promo codes or .apk files (Android), for paid apps only, and we will post them as a courtesy to you on our Facebook Fan Page or Google+ Page with a link to your application in iTunes, Google Play or the Amazon Android App Store.

Developers Do You Want Your App To Get Reviewed

Please submit codes in standard form only (no tokn, Redeem Now links, etc.).

However, Android developers, you can submit your .apk redeem files as links and we will share these the same way we share iOS promo codes.

*Promo codes are posted in the order they are received and usually shared within 2-3 weeks after submission.

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