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As the app stores continue to grow exponentially, you are going to see more iPad apps, like Cat Games (by Michael Cozzolino), that appeal to a tight-niche market — in this case cat owners. Cat Games is a technology break-through for cat entertainment and features a variety of stimulating prey to keep your cat’s predator instincts engaged with several games/activities, such as a moving red laser dot, to a crinkle ball on a string (my personal favorite), spiders, fish, and there is even a mouse — we all know the history of the cat and mouse. Cat Games is truly an app made for cats. Being a cat owner, I can tell you that the 6 cat games/activities in this application will appeal to even the shyest kitty cats and will engage your feline friend in hours of silly cat fun.

Cat Games iPad app reviewCat Games iPad app review

This app is very easy to use, just fire it up, put near your cat, and let the app do its trick. You may want to ensure you have a screen protector on if your cat is still rocking it’s front claws, but other than that sit back and watch your cat play. As the app stores grow, so will games for cats, dogs, and who knows what else. Watch our other iPad video app demos for more awesome iPad app videos. Crazy Mike

Cat Games iPad App Details

Title: Cat Games
Price: $1.99
Size: 8.1 MB
Category: Entertainment
Developer: Michael Cozzolino
Store: iTunes App Store

Cat Games iPad App Download Link

Cat Games - Michael Cozzolino

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Cat Games iPad App Developers Description

iOS iPad
Kitty Korner Pick for The TouchArcade Show #14

“My cat loves the bug one.” -Eli

“Success! This is Working.” – Jared

“Who needs to buy a dollar string and ball toy?” -Jared

“I was super jazzed that my car liked it and was entertained for a long while.” -Jared

Cat Games for iPad is a game for cats and kittens. Stimulate your cat with these cat games on your iPad. Watch your cat try to grab fish, foil balls, bugs, strings, mice, and lasers. Cats in particular “indoor” cats crave stimulation of their hunting instincts. For the price of a cheap catnip based toy you can have an app that will entertain your cat for long into the future.

What’s new

* New String and Ball Background
* Misc. Optimizations

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