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MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive, by 78 x 36 Productions, is an exotic middle eastern-themed strategy game where your goal is to collect objects and gold pieces to become the MEDINA Master. This indie style casual game features 3 different playable characters (Murids) that you have to maneuver through Medina’s maze of streets, using swipe gestures to guide them and a double tap to jump over objects, such as cows. You enter the city on one end and work your way through the winding streets collecting all the objects and gold for each level to unlock the exit gate — which you will have to figure out for yourself, but typically is on the opposite side from where you started.

medina warning highly addictive iphone app reviewmedina warning highly addictive iphone app review

There are 4 challenging cityscape layouts, 9 game variations and 3 difficulty settings. Users can also challenge friends through Apple Game Center for added fun. MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive will challenge your ability to strategize and maneuver correctly in order to complete each level of game play, all without running into any of the evil black Moguls. Get your Inner Sheikh on with this iPhone indie game and become the Medina Master. For more iPhone app videos check out our iPhone video app demos. Crazy Mike

MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive iPhone App Details

Title: MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Size: 67.4 MB
Developer: 78 x 36 Productions, LLC
Store: iTunes App Store

MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive iPhone App Download Link

MEDINA - WARNING Highly Addictive - 78 x 36 Productions, LLC

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MEDINA – WARNING Highly Addictive iPhone App Developers Description

iOS iPhone
@@@@@@@@@ Introductory pricing SALE $ .99 @@@@@@@@@@@@

Imperial Millennium: MEDINA™ from 78×36 Productions.

Will light protect the kingdom,
Will forces of darkness arise?


What people are saying…

“One of the most anticipated casual gaming storylines!!

“Addictive has a new name!”

“Recommended to all”


Embark on an all new adventure through an exotic land dating back to the 8th century.

Awaiting you, as a loyal royal subject of monarch ruled imperial Medina, is a heroic opportunity, to bestow many riches including monetary goods, deeper intellect and spiritual awareness. Your ultimate goal is to prevail and insure the Kingdom will be able to survive for another 300 years.

Choose your character and level of difficulty to challenge your best inner Sheikh (or attain the knowledge to become one). Find and collect symbolic quest objects, while escaping the moguls path. Make your way through Medina’s labyrinth maze, listen for your cue, unlock more imperial cities and sequentially present HRH The King with the found quest treasures. Your destiny will be presented upon you, ultimately revealing truths that have eluded generations.

To Play:
Swipe and play video game for iOS. An all new RPG set in an exotic locale. The object of each of the game’s levels is to maneuver the royal subject, distinctively known as a Murid, through one side of the city unlocking the exit gate and collecting imperial objects along the way. The player must move character, a Sheikh apprentice, through the meandering labyrinth city medina maze which can be controlled by the swipe of a finger. Other player movements are the manipulation of the double tap to jump over fixed objects, all the while evading the evil black Moguls. Other objectives include collecting the quest objects, four distinct objects, needed to be personally presented to the king.

Character description: Choose your character, a young Murid, an older wiser soul, or a female apprentice. Find your favorite. Be your favorite. All will have the nomination to be honored in regal realm. Challenging levels are: easy, medium, hard; and with each, a new journey begins.
Find the four quest objects, deliver them safely to HRH The King, all while eluding the black Moguls and destiny will show itself.

Key game features:

4 challenging and distinct layouts (co-coordinated sub-layouts Coming Soon!!!)

9 game play variations with 3 character choices and 3 levels of difficulty

Numerous transcending quest objects at your finger tips

Challenge others through GameCenter

Lives sequencing

Collect all of the objects and gold pieces to become an Imperial Millennium:MEDINA Master Gamer

Point accumulation Leader Board

Brag to your friends or challenge unknown others through supported Social networking sites, including Facebook and Twitter. Post accomplishments.


****** Music composed by Mike Weiser (ASCAP) ******

Please support us, and we will return the favor with updates and expansions!

Post hoc sequels to follow. We are open to feedback and any and all comments…to ultimately improve your gaming experience.

Trademark 2011, 78×36 Productions, LLC

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